Princess Peach

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Peach in Super Mario 3D Land.
Species Human
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Voiced by Leslie Swan (1996-1999; 2004; 2007)
Jen Taylor (1999-2005; 2006)
Nicole Mills (2005-2006)
Samantha Kelly (2007-Present)
Debut Super Mario Bros.

Princess Peach (originally localized as Princess Toadstool) is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom who appears as one of the main characters throughout the Mario series. She is most well-known as the damsel-in-distress of the series, constantly being kidnapped by the evil Bowser (who at first just wants her kingdom, but later wants to marry her) and rescued by Mario (often with the help of his brother Luigi). However, she has also proved her own and helped to save the world several times.



Early Years

Peach as a baby.

She seems to have first met Mario as a baby when she, along with several other babies, was kidnapped by Kamek and a future grown up version of Bowser during Yoshi's Island DS. She was able to use her parasol to allow Yoshi to catch air currents. She worked together with the other babies and the Yoshis to rescue Baby Luigi and other captured babies. Afterwards she would be seen playing with Baby Mario and Baby Luigi back in her own castle, such as in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. During this time she was constantly protected by the past and present version of Toadsworth and kept entertained.

Baby Peach also appears as a playable character in Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 8, and as an unlockable character in Mario Super Sluggers and Mario Tennis Open.

Adult Life

The NES Years

She was initially captured by Bowser in Super Mario Bros. because only she could break the shape-shifting spell Bowser had placed on the Toads, although most later games indicate that Bowser kidnaps her to gain political power or because he is romantically interested in her. Peach was held in the eighth castle until she was rescued by the Mario Brothers. Peach was captured and rescued in exactly the same manner in The Lost Levels.

Peach joined the Mario Bros. in battle for the first time in Super Mario Bros. 2 in the battle to liberate Sub-Con from Wart. The ending indicates the adventure was a dream, but Sub-Con is described as a dream world to begin with so it is likely all four traveled there through their dreams. In Super Mario Bros. 3 she instructs Mario to help rescue several kings in the surrounding lands, but just as the brothers succeed, she too was kidnapped. This time Bowser held her in his personal fortress, but she was again rescued by the brothers.

The Super NES Years

In Super Mario World, while vacationing with the brothers, she was kidnapped by Bowser and held within the Valley of Bowser. This time when the Mario Brothers battled Bowser, Bowser rode his Koopa Clown Copter with Peach aboard as well. Peach only emerged from the craft at one point in the battle to toss Mario a Super Mushroom. Bowser was defeated once more, and Peach resumed her vacation with the brothers and the addition of Yoshi.

Peach was once more captured by Bowser in the beginning of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, this time while she was visiting Mario's house. But just as Mario defeated Bowser and was about to rescue Peach, a giant sword called Exor crashed into Bowser's Keep and sent the three of them flying in various directions. Peach landed on the balcony of Booster's Tower. Booster, the eccentric owner of the tower, saw Peach as a princess from the sky and intended to marry her, regardless of her own thoughts on the matter. Mario and Bowser were ultimately able to intervene and convince Booster that Peach did not want to marry him.

Peach was then returned to the castle, and the Chancellor insisted that she remain there in order to protect her from enemies despite Peach wanting to help Mario on his adventure for a change. Peach was able to sneak out of the castle after convincing her grandmother to pose as her, and she then joined up with Mario for the remainder of his adventure in defeating the extraterrestrial machine monster Smithy. After peace was again restored through Smithy's defeat, she returned to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Peach briefly appears in Yoshi's Safari, where she sends Mario and Yoshi to Jewelry Land to save it as well as her friend Prince Pine from Bowser. She also gave them the Super Scope for use in battling Bowser and his minions. In Mario & Wario, Peach was one of three playable characters (the others being Mario and Yoshi) who could have a bucket or some other object dropped on their head by Wario. It would then be up to Wanda to guide the temporary blinded Peach to Luigi, who waited at the end of each level to remove the object from their heads.

The Nintendo 64 Years

Peach later invited Mario over to her castle for cake in Super Mario 64. However, by the time he arrived, Bowser had captured Peach and the other Toads. With a variation on his usual plans, Bowser had used the Power Stars to imprison Peach and the Toads within the walls and portraits of Princess Peach's Castle. Mario (along with Luigi, Yoshi and Wario in the DS version) then explored the castle and recovered the Power Stars. Peach was restored after Bowser's defeat and prepared that cake for her savior(s).

Bowser once again provided a variation on his usual kidnapping schemes in Paper Mario. This time he captured Peach's entire castle by lifting it onto the sky atop his own castle, which was now airborne. Peach was imprisoned in her room after she witnessed Mario being defeated by Bowser, whom had used the powers of the Star Rod to make himself invincible, and she was confined to her room. While Mario underwent efforts to save the Star Spirits in order to undo Bowser's invulnerability, Peach (who was playable between chapters) attempted to help Mario out in her own way by sneaking around the castle. Peach recovered items for Mario and discovered locations of Star Spirits for him as well. She was aided in her endeavors by Twink, a young star child whom had befriended Peach. During the final battle with Bowser, Peach used her prayers to empower the Star Beam as a Peach Beam, allowing Mario to defeat Bowser. They then returned to the Mushroom Kingdom for the ensuing parade.

The Gamecube/GBA Years

Despite not being physically present, she did send a Toad (or several) to look after Mario and Luigi during their exploration of the old mansion in Luigi's Mansion. Peach once more embarked on a vacation with Mario and her Toad attendants, including Toadsworth, in Super Mario Sunshine. During their time there a mysterious Shadow Mario made several attempts to capture Peach and was ultimately successful. Shadow Mario revealed himself to be Bowser Jr., who believed that Peach was his mother. Peach was taken to Corona Mountain, where Bowser was waiting. But Mario arrived as usual and rescued Peach again after defeating both Bowser and his son. Afterwards, Mario and Peach were able to enjoy the rest of their vacation.

Peach was later alerted beforehand that Cackletta would attempt to steal her voice in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. That is because it was believed that only the voice of one with a pure and noble soul could awaken the Beanstar and wish upon it, and Peach was believed to be the only such person around in the modern age. Peach was able to replace herself with a decoy and laid low until the truth was discovered. Mario and Luigi, whom had not been alerted of the ploy, traveled to the Beanbean Kingdom with Bowser (who also needed her to have her voice back so that he could properly capture her) in order to hunt down Cackletta and rescue Peach's voice.

After the Beanstar was shattered and Cackletta was believed dead, Peach traveled to the Beanbean Kingdom by airplane in order to go sight-seeing with the Mario Bros, and they decided to go on a trip to Little Fungitown, although the brothers had to undergo great trouble to protect her from monsters in the Teehee Valley. Peach was soon captured by Bowletta (Bowser possessed by Cackletta's ghost), but the Mario brothers were able to trick them into releasing her by disguising Luigi as Peach and tricking Bowletta into thinking it had captured a decoy. Bowletta later launched an all-out assault on the Beanbean Kingdom to get the real Peach, but she was safely evacuated to Little Fungitown and kept there until Bowletta's defeat, at which point they returned to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Peach in paper form.

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door while vacationing with Toadsworth, she found a treasure map which contained the locations of the Crystal Stars. She sent it to Mario so that he could help her find the Crystal Stars, but she was then captured by the X-Nauts. At their hidden base, she befriended the computer TEC and once again provided Mario with extra information throughout his quest through e-mails sent by TEC, although Grodus eventually found out about this and erased TEC's memory. Ultimately after the Thousand-Year Door was opened with the Crystal Stars, Grodus released the soul of the Shadow Queen, which possessed Peach and battled Mario and his companions. However, the real Peach took control at one point in order to supply Mario with the last of her strength. Peach was restored to normal after Mario and his comrades forced the Shadow Queen out of Peach's body and destroyed her. She then gave special thanks to Mario's companions for helping to save the world from darkness. Some time afterwards, Peach visited Mario again to give him a new treasure map in hopes that it would lead to real treasure.

In Mario Pinball Land, Mario and Peach visited the Fun Fair together. However, when she decided to try out the Air Cannon ride, a pair of Goombas redirected it so that it fired her directly into Bowser's castle, where she was held captive until Mario (in pinball form) defeated Bowser to rescue her.

The DS/Wii Years

Peach and Perry going into action

A variation on the normal kidnapping scheme occurred in Super Princess Peach, when Bowser attacked the castle while Peach was out on a walk. Using the Vibe Scepter, Bowser was able to easily capture Mario, Luigi and a variety of Toads. Peach then took it upon herself to rescue them, after all the times that they had rescued her. Entrusted by Toadsworth with a talking umbrella named Perry, together they made their way through the island and eventually rescued the Mario Bros. after Peach defeated Bowser herself. Then in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, she tested out E. Gadd's new time machine with a pair of Toad assistants, traveling back to the time when they were babies.

However, they arrived in the midst of a Shroob invasion. Peach was captured by the Shroobs, but not before imprisoning the Elder Princess Shroob within the Cobalt Star (the time machine's power source) and scattering its pieces. The younger Princess Shroob then disguised herself as Peach in order to fool the Mario Bros., although her charade was eventually undone. The Cobalt Star was accidentally reunited, but Mario and Luigi were able to defeat both Shroob Princesses and return to the present with Peach. In New Super Mario Bros., Peach was again kidnapped by Bowser Jr. and carried across eight worlds before she was finally rescued by Mario.

Both Peach and Bowser were captured by Count Bleck in the beginning of Super Paper Mario. He forced them into marriage in order to open a Void that would consume all worlds. Peach did not agree to the marriage until Nastasia used her super-hypnotism to force her to. Peach later attempted to escape from Bleck's castle with the aid of a Hammer Bro. Although she was caught, she made a jump and wound up in Flipside. Feeling somewhat responsible for the Void, she joined with Mario's party in order to stop Bleck and the Void. Peach thus became one of the four heroes destined to stop Bleck's void.

The group was temporarily split apart between Chapters 6 and 7, when Dimentio sent them all to the Underwhere. Peach made her way to the Overthere Stair, but she fell into a deep slumber after accidentally eating a forbidden golden apple. Mario and the others were able to revive her by feeding her a Black Apple when they found her in Chapter 7-3. Peach then rejoined the group. She had a one-on-one battle with Mimi in Chapter 8-2: The Crash. Afterwards, she stayed behind to help Mimi even though the castle was collapsing. She said that she didn't like Mimi but had a need to help other people. Peach and Mimi soon took a fall after the floor collapsed, but their fall was broken by Bowser. Peach rejoined Mario for game's final battles, and afterwards comforted Merlon about the loss of Tippy.

Peach invited Mario to her castle once again in Super Mario Galaxy, but this time during the Mushroom Kingdom's Star Festival and with the pretense of having a gift for Mario. But Bowser launched a violent attack on Toad Town at that moment with his fleet of airships, which had grown to include spaceships. Bowser once more airlifted Peach's castle with Peach inside, and this time he took them to the center of the universe. There Bowser was using the power of the Power Stars and Grand Stars to build his own galaxy that he would use as the first stepping-stone in establishing a galactic empire with Peach as his reluctant queen. Mario was able to make his way to Bowser and the two battled while Bowser Jr. held Peach. After Bowser was defeated, they were all returned to the Mushroom Kingdom by Rosalina and the Lumas.

In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Princess Peach held an emergency meeting at her castle regarding a recent epidemic in the kingdom known as The Blorbs. However, they were interrupted by Bowser's presence, and although he was soundly defeated by Mario and Luigi again, he soon returned under the influence of Fawful's Vacuum Mushroom. This caused him to inhale everyone in the room, including Peach. Peach was separated from the others and trapped in the Flab Zone, where she was captured by a group of Kretins just as Mario and Luigi found her. They managed to rescue her, but she was almost immediately snatched out of Bowser's body by Fawful, who needed her to find the Dark Star. After retrieving the Dark Star, Fawful drained power from Peach to power the Dark Star. The Dark Star later came to life and took on the form of a Dark Bowser, and it swallowed Peach in a vain attempt to gain its lost power. After Dark Bowser (and the Dark Star in general) was destroyed, Peach was freed and cheered Mario and Luigi on as they took on Bowser in battle. However, she also felt sympathetic towards Bowser for helping them and sent him a cake out of gratitude.

Princess Peach celebrated her birthday with Mario, Luigi and several Toad attendants in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. However, one present, a giant cake, was actually all of Bowser's eight children hiding within. They proceeded to trap her in the cake and carried her away to Bowser's castle in an airship while Mario and Luigi pursued them as usual (with two Toads possibly along for the adventures). There, Kamek was set up in a dress as a decoy, but Mario and company saved the real Peach after defeating Bowser's giant form. Mario and Peach then took a hot air balloon together while Peach told Mario about the hidden ninth world.

In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Princess Peach invited Mario to her castle during the Star Festival for cake. However, Bowser attacked in giant form and kidnapped Peach. She was taken to his Galaxy Reactor and remained there until Mario came to rescue her, while occasionally sending out letters containing 1-Ups in the meantime. Mario eventually defeated Bowser and rescued Peach with the final Grand Star. They then returned to the Mushroom Kingdom, where Peach prepared a large cake for all of them.

The 3DS/Wii U Years

Peach was once more captured by Bowser in Super Mario 3D Land. Mario would receive postcards at the end of each world which depicted Peach's distressed predicament in the form of an animated photo. Some letters also showed Peach defying convention with a failed attempt to escape Bowser, which resulted in her being recaptured. At the end of World 8's first castle, Peach's cage was found empty, which seemed to imply another escape attempt. It was soon shown that Bowser had grabbed her and set up a cardboard cutout of her on the roof to fool Mario. He took her to his second, more advanced castle and tied her to a flagpole. Once Mario defeated Bowser again, he leaped onto the flagpole which set Peach free. He and the Toads then all donned Tanooki Suits, and Mario flew Peach back home. They then relaxed on the branch of the bare Tanooki Tree. After the Special Worlds were completed, Peach was captured again, and World 8's second castle had to be played through nearly the same as before, although this time Luigi could be the one to rescue the princess. This unlocked a new postcard of Peach wearing a Tanooki Suit with the other Toads.


Peach's usual reward for Mario.

Peach is characteristically defined as being the nicest person you could hope to meet. Although her kingdom may lack in fundamental things such as a real military force, the people in it are generally prosperous and there is very little hardship. Though she has been kidnapped by Bowser multiple times, many of those times she has made some effort to assist Mario and Luigi in some way (whether it's throwing a Super Mushroom from the Clown Copter or sending intel she found). She has also done some work in helping other kingdoms, even if it's just sending the two plumbers to help, such as in 'Yoshi's Safari' when she sends them to help Jewelry Land. She also has large celebrity fame on the level of Mario (if not more). She has many fans and admirers around the world. Her voice itself is also considered to be exceptionally pure, so much that only hers could awaken the Beanstar. Like most of Mario's friends, she's an active racer and enjoys tennis and golf.

Her relationship with Mario (and to a lesser extent to Luigi) appears to be friendship, but is occasionally hinted at being somewhat romantic, although little more is shown other than Peach kissing Mario on the cheek sometimes when he rescues her. Surprisingly, this is addressed directly by Luvbi in Chapter 7-3 of Super Paper Mario when she asks if Peach is Mario's girlfriend. Any of the available characters (Mario, Luigi and Bowser) will immediately deny this, with Luigi saying that it is hard to say but Peach dos not seem to be Mario's girlfriend. This leads Luvbi to assume that Mario's relationship with Peach is a one-sided crush.


Among her magic, is her ability to cast healing spells, status magic, and others. Though she is not often seen with a weapon, she does prefer a frying pan or parasol above other things. Her jumping ability is also top-notch, nearly as much as Mario's. Not only that, but she is able to suspend herself in air for a few seconds by floating.

In Super Mario RPG, Peach's weapons that can be equipped throughout the game are the Slap Glove, Parasol, War Fan, Super Slap and Frying Pan. Her exclusive armors are the Polka Dress, Nautica Dress, Fuzzy Dress, Fire Dress and Royal Dress. She is also the only character who can equip the expensive B'tub Ring found in Marrymore, which will halve the damage caused by most special attacks. Her special moves in the game, which she learns as she levels up, are primarily magical attacks and are the following:

  • Therapy- Peach will heal the HP and status of one teammate.
  • Group Hug- Peach heals the HP and status of the entire party.
  • Sleepy Time- Peach summons a flock of sheep that fall on the enemy and put it to sleep, and depending on how well the player does with the control pad a whole group of enemies can be put to sleep.
  • Come Back- Peach will revive a fallen ally.
  • Mute- This attack "mutes" the enemy and prevents them from using special attacks.
  • Psych Bomb- In her only special moves that can cause actual damage, Peach will toss a series of bombs at enemies.

In Super Princess Peach, Peach is able to use several special emotionally-themed powers due to the nature of Vibe Island. The following are her abilities:

  • Joy: Peach's joy causes her to float through the air, and when not moving she produces a cyclone around her that can clear away toxic gas and other enemies.
  • Rage: Peach's fury causes her to be surrounded by flames, making her temporary invulnerable, and this Vibe can take out almost any enemy immediately. She also becomes heavier with this, with her stomps being capable of flipping over enemies and setting off switches. This Vibe also powers hot air balloons.
  • Gloom: Peach begins crying, with the waves of tears having a variety of uses such as growing plants that Peach can climb, powering waterwheels or freezing over certain platforms in snow levels. Additionally, Peach can run much faster when this Vibe is activated.
  • Calm: Peach's calmness will slowly restore Peach's health.

In the Super Smash Bros. games that she is playable in, Peach has a variety of moves based primarily on her abilities in Super Mario Bros. 2. She can also attack with a tennis racket, golf club (in reference to her appearances in the sports games) or a Frying Pan (in reference to her weapon in Super Mario RPG).

  • Standard Special Move: Toad- Peach whips out a Toad which she uses as a shield to defend against attacks.
  • Side Special Move: Peach Bomber- Peach lunges herself at the enemy and strikes them with her hips, causing a small explosion to occur.
  • Up Special Move: Peach Parasol- Peach whips open her parasol, which is primarily used to glide through the air and acts as her recovery move. The parasol itself causes a small amount of damage when it makes contact with an enemy.
  • Down Special Move: Vegetable- Based on the vegetable-plucking ability in Super Mario Bros. 2, Peach will pluck a vegetable from the ground, which she can use to attack enemies. There is also a chance that she will pluck out a Bob-Omb, Mr. Saturn, Beam Sword or a special vegetable with a different face (which causes more damage) instead.
  • Final Smash: Peach Blossom- Peach's bizarre final smash (exclusive to Brawl) causes the screen to be bordered by stylistic artwork while Peach dances and all players on screen fall asleep. Peaches will fall from the sky that can be consumed for health.


Despite her regal bearing, Princess Peach is willing to let her hair loose and participate in a variety of sports from golf to basketball. She has appeared in nearly every Mario sports game.

Peach's soccer outfit.

Peach is also playable in every Mario Party game - Mario Party, Mario Party 2, Mario Party 3, Mario Party 4, Mario Party 5, Mario Party 6, Mario Party Advance, Mario Party 7, Mario Party 8, Mario Pary 9, Mario Party-e and Super Mario Fushigi no Korokoro Party, Mario Party DS, Super Mario Fushigi no Korokoro Party 2 and Mario Party: Island Tour. She also appeared as a playable character in the crossover board game titles Itadaki Street DS and Fortune Street. In the latter game, she was the only hidden Mario character and was unlocked by placing first or second at Peach's Castle in Tour Mode.


In Mario Super Sluggers, Peach is captain of the Peach Monarchs based in the Peach Ice Garden stadium, as well as the overall ruler of the Baseball Kingdom. Within the Challenge Mode, Bowser Jr. attempts to take over the Baseball Kingdom. At one point he captures Peach, but after Mario rescues her by defeating Bowser Jr.'s team in a baseball game, Peach is recruited as a playable character and can be used to recruit the other members of her team.

Other Appearances

Video Games

  • Peach is playable in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U. Her special moves include tossing vegetables (from the American Super Mario Bros. 2), using Toad as a shield and using weapons such as golf clubs and frying pans (referencing Mario Golf and Super Mario RPG, respectively). She has three unlockable trophies in Melee. In Brawl she has five trophies, with one normal trophy, one of her Final Smash, and trophies for Paper Peach, Wedding Peach (which is Peach in her wedding gown from Super Paper Mario) and Baby Peach. There are also stickers of Peach from Super Mario Bros. 2, Mario Strikers Charged, Mario Superstar Baseball, Super Princess Peach and with Daisy from Mario Party 7. In the 3DS/Wii U games, she has two standard unlockable trophies shared between the different versions. Beyond that, the 3DS version also has trophies for Paper Peach, Baby Peach, Peach in her Tennis outfit and Peach with the Birthday Girl kart, while the Wii U version has trophies for her Final Smash, Peach in her Baseball outfit and Peach with the Daytripper kart. Her tennis trophy description jokingly acknowledges the problems with the space-time continuum that should come with her playing alongside her infant self.
    • Within Brawl's "The Subspace Emissary", Peach was initially seen overlooking Mario's match with Kirby in the Mid-Air Stadium alongside Princess Zelda at the beginning of the game. After the Subspace Army attacked, the princesses were held in cages by Petey Piranha. Depending on which one Kirby freed, Peach was either turned into a trophy by Wario and taken away, or accompanied Kirby for a while before being turned into a trophy by Bowser and taken away as well as having a shadow clone of her formed to attack Link and Yoshi. Either way, both princesses ended up imprisoned within the Halberd until Meta Knight, Lucario and Solid Snake arrived to free them late in the game. After defeating shadow clones of Peach and Zelda, the princesses were freed and made their way to the deck of the Halberd by themselves. Peach then served to soften hostilities between Zelda and Fox McCloud by offering both tea. Then after the battle with the massive Duon, Peach restored Mr. Game & Watch and let him play with her umbrella. Afterwards, the group joined up with the main party for the final battles in Subspace.
    • Along with Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Yoshi, and Zelda, Peach can exclusively equip the following stickers for the Subspace Emissary:
      • 1-Up Mushroom (New Super Mario Bros.)
      • Acro (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards)
      • Ashley (WarioWare: Touched!)
      • Bow (Paper Mario)
      • Bowser (Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix)
      • Bowser (Mario Kart 64)
      • Bowser (Super Paper Mario)
      • Coin (New Super Mario Bros.)
      • Dice Block (Mario Party 8)
      • Dr. Mario (Nintendo Puzzle Collection)
      • Girl (Animal Crossing: Wild World)
      • Girl (Magical Vacation)
      • Horse Call (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)
      • Kamek (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island)
      • Katrina (Animal Crossing: Wild World)
      • Koopa (Super Mario Strikers)
      • Kyorosuke (Densetsu no Stafy 4)
      • Lakitu (Mario Kart: Super Circuit)
      • Luigi (Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga)
      • Luigi & Baby Luigi (Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time)
      • Mario (Mario Kart DS)
      • Mario & Luigi (Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga)
      • Mario & Yoshi (Super Mario Sunshine)
      • Mega Rush Badge (Paper Mario)
      • Moon Fairy Seren (Nintendo Puzzle Collection)
      • Mushroom (New Super Mario Bros.)
      • Myrrh (Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones)
      • Naomi Hunter (Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes)
      • Peach (Mario Superstar Baseball)
      • Peach (Super Mario Bros. 2)
      • Peach (Super Princess Peach)
      • Peach & Daisy (Mario Party 7)
      • Pinkle (Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland)
      • Rawk Hawk (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door)
      • Red Fire (Mario Kart: Double Dash!!)
      • Shahra (Sonic & the Secret Rings)
      • Super Mario Bros. (Super Mario Bros.)
      • The Great Fairy (The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker)
      • Toad (Mario Party 6)
      • Toad & Toadette (Mario Party 7)
      • Toadette (Mario Party 6)
      • Waluigi (Mario Superstar Baseball)
      • Waluigi (Super Mario Strikers)
      • Yoshi (Mario Party 2)
      • Yoshi (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door)
      • Yoshi (Yoshi Touch & Go)
      • Zelda (The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past)
  • Peach was included as a Gamecube exclusive character in the Electronic Arts games NBA Street V3 and SSX on Tour.

Other Media

  • Peach appears in the anime movie The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach, where she is first seen emerging from Mario's television when he is playing a video game, explaining her predicament and pleading with her to save him just as Bowser captured her, in hopes of forcing her into a marriage. At the end of the movie, the brothers defeat Bowser and rescue Peach, who is shown to have a boyfriend known as Prince Haru from the Flower Kingdom.
  • She also appears all three of the Japanese Super Mario Bros. Amada shorts, which are adaptations of Japanese folklore. In the first, she is the granddaughter of two Hammer Bros. who is captured by Bowser but Mario is born from a peach to rescue her, succeeding in doing so. In the second, she befriends the miniature-sized Mario and after he defeats Bowser for her, she makes him normal-sized by hitting him with a Magic Mallet that Bowser left behind. In the final short, Peach assumes the role of Snow White, but is revived by a potion rather than a kiss. At one point Bowser takes Peach hostage, but Luigi comes in from nowhere to defeat him.
  • She appears as a main character in the American cartoon The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! as well as its follow-up series The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. In these series, she constantly sought a way to defeat Bowser and was often captured by him.
  • Peach also appeared throughout the Nintendo Comics System comics focusing on Mario.
  • She also appears throughout the Super Mario-Kun manga which present slapstick adaptations of the Mario games from Super Mario World to the present games.
  • In the Super Mario Adventures comic, Peach is shown as being somewhat more independent than most interpretations, as she escapes Bowser's castle when he kidnaps her to marry her by himself, single-handedly defeating the seven Koopa Kids in the process. When Luigi enters Bowser's castle dressed as Peach as part of a ploy, Peach winds up in Luigi's clothing and storms the castle with a series of Bob-Ombs to help the Mario Bros. escape. However, she is soon captured by Bowser again, who uses a Magikoopa's hypnosis to make Peach willing to marry her. However, before the marriage can finish, Peach is freed from the spell when the Yoshis destroy the magic wand that cast the spell, and Bowser is defeated. She also appears in the second Mario Vs. Wario comic, which acts as a follow-up, in which Mario and Wario attempt to switch birthday gifts for Peach with each other when each thinks that the other has bought the sold-out Samus Aran toy that Peach wanted, but each of their gifts turns out to be trick jack-in-the-box gifts that startle Peach, and Luigi is ultimately shown to have gotten her the Samus doll.


  • She was initially called "Princess Toadstool" in the localizations of the games and in the American-produced media. Her original Japanese name was Peach was first used in Yoshi's Safari, most likely due to an error. It was not long after that when Super Mario 64 was released, and the name Peach was first used in an American game. Peach has become her official international name, with the implication that "Toadstool" is a surname.
  • Her father, the Mushroom King, is mentioned in the manual of Super Mario Bros. but never officially appeared. In the movie, the Mushroom King literally is a mushroom fungus that covers the entire dinosaur city.
  • She's not the first girl to be rescued by Mario. Pauline was the original damsel in distress in the first Mario game, Donkey Kong.
  • When rescued in Super Mario Bros. 3, she says "Sorry, but you're princess is in another castle... haha! Just kidding" as an injoke reference to what the Toads say when rescued in Super Mario Bros. and The Lost Levels.
  • Technically, she is still married to Bowser following the events of Super Paper Mario, although it could be considered illegitimate.
  • Peach tastes like peaches, according to Belome.

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