Mario Party DS

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Mario Party DS
Full Title Mario Party DS
Developer Hudson Soft
Publisher Nintendo
System Nintendo DS
Release Date JP November 8, 2007
US November 19, 2007
EU November 23, 2007
EU December 6, 2007
Genre Party
Gallery GH Gallery
Rating ESRB: E

Mario Party DS is the thirteenth Mario Party game and the third one released on a handheld (counting the arcade and e-Reader games).


Mario and his friends (as well as Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong) receive an invitation to a feast at Bowser's Castle, apparently as an attempt to atone for his bad deeds. This is naturally a trap, with Mario and his friends being shrunken by a device called the Minimizer and scattered while Bowser went to search for the Sky Crystals. They decide to stop Bowser and at the same time compete with each other to decide who will be the Superstar who will face Bowser.


The game utilizes gameplay similar to the console Mario Party games and is divided into modes. Unlike the single player-oriented Mario Party Advance, Mario Party DS allows four player games to be played through DS Download Play. As with most games, there is a single-player Story Mode as well as Party Mode where the player can play freely against human or computer opponents, and a Minigame Mode for playing all the minigames that have been unlocked. There is also a Puzzle Mode, a Multiplayer Mode that activates the DS Download Play and an Extras Mode which contains two-player modes. There are 74 minigames, some of which utilize the DS's touch screen and microphone.

The game uses the following eight playable characters:

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