Animal Crossing: City Folk

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Animal Crossing: City Folk
Developer Nintendo EAD
Publisher Nintendo
System Wii
Release Date US November 16, 2008
JP November 20, 2008
AU December 4, 2008
EU December 5, 2008
KO January 28, 2010
Rating ESRB: E

Animal Crossing: City Folk (known in PAL regions as Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City) is a life-simulator for the Wii which continues the Animal Crossing series. It was the first game to utilize the Wii Speak accessory and was bundled with it.



City Folk follows the basic premise of the previous games by having the player control an avatar (either male or female) who has just moved into a town. The player can perform a variety of tasks around the town, many of which will earn money or special objects. The player can interact with the various animal villagers, pay off the debt to Tom Nook, buy new items and decorate/expand their home. This town starts off with six villagers and can grow to hold up to ten. Additionally, up to four different players can have their own houses within a village. This game also retains events on certain days and versions of real-world holidays.

Some new features added for this game include some interactivity with the Wii's motion controls, which are utilized for some items such as the fishing rod and the axe. Another new feature which is implied through the title is that the player can take a bus to visit the city. The city contains some new locations and other characters, where the player can shop and find other methods of entertainment. City Folk is also connected to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, through which players can visit other villages, run auctions at an auction house amongst friends and download special content from Nintendo. There are also various ways for players to communicate, one of which is through the Wii Speak.


The game can link up to Wild World. When moving in a new player, it is possible to instead upload the player character from Wild World. However, only the character's appearance and items purchased from Tom Nook will be transferred.



  • A new Animal Crossing has been announced for the 3DS for release in 2012.
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