Mario is Missing!

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Mario is Missing
Developer Mindscape (PC)
Radical Entertainment (NES)
Software Creations (SNES)
Software Toolworks (Mac)
Publisher Software Toolworks/Mindscape (EU)
System PC
Super Nintendo
Release Date PC
US 1992
EU 1992
EU 1993
US July 1993
Super Nintendo
EU 1993
US June 1993
US 1993
Genre Edutainment

Mario is Missing! is a licensed edutainment game featuring characters from the Mario games with a story inspired by the Mario cartoons. It was originally made for the PC but was later ported to the NES, Super Nintendo and Macintosh computers. It is most notable as the first game to solely star Luigi.


Bowser has set up a fortress in Antartica and plans to use a massive shipment of hair dryers to melt the ice there and flood the world. Mario is captured and held by Bowser in his attempt to stop him, so it is up to Luigi to travel across the world and collect stolen artifacts to advance through Bowser's castle and eventually save Mario.


The player controls Luigi in traveling to various levels based on real world locations from Bowser's castle. In each area, Luigi must explore and take out the occasional enemy while seeking missing landmarks/artifacts, three of which are located in each area. Yoshi could be called in to ride once the player deciphered the city's location and guided Yoshi to it on the map. In order to return each artifact, the player would have to answer several questions on it from the pamphlet.


It was accompanied by fellow edutainment Mario game Mario's Time Machine. The premise of Luigi having to rescue Mario would be revisited years later in Luigi's Mansion.

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