Golden Sun: The Lost Age

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Golden Sun
Developer Camelot Software and Planning
Publisher Nintendo
System Game Boy Advance
Release Date JP June 28, 2002
US April 14, 2003
EU September 19, 2003
Rating ESRB: E

Golden Sun: The Lost Age (also referred to in-game as Golden Sun Book Two) is the continuation of Golden Sun on the Game Boy Advance,



The previous game followed the exploits of Isaac and his friends as they sought to prevent the four elemental lighthouses from being re-ignited, which would spread the powerful elemental energy known as Alchemy throughout the world and potentially lead to the world's destruction. The first game covered the first two lighthouses, both of which wound up being ignited by Saturos and Menardi's gang.

This game begins in the aftermath of Venus Lighthouse's lighting and instead follows the journey of the remnants of Saturos's gang - Felix, Jenna, Sheba and Kraden - as they seek to ignite the remaining two lighthouses. The game also goes deeper into the secrets of Alchemy and reveals that the previous game's battles were not as black and white as they appeared.


This game reprised the previous game's RPG gameplay, with the main difference being a new set of characters, as well as various new Psynergies added. The game also eventually adds the new option of traveling by boat. The Djinn system is still intact, with forty-four new Djinn hidden throughout the game. There are also now special summon stones hidden throughout the game, which unlock the ability to use new summons in battle.

The Lost Age can also be linked to the original Golden Sun in order to transfer data from a completed file (alternately done through a very long password), which includes the previous game's Djinn and abilities exclusive to the first game which can be used to reach more bonuses in The Lost Age. Like the first game, this game also has a battle mode in which multiple players can compete.



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