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The Gameboy Camera is an accessory for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. The device was a basic digital camera, allowing players to take and edit photographs.


Camera Information

  • Color: Gray scale
  • Resolution: 126x112 pixels
  • Detectable Illumination Range: 1 - 10,000 lux
  • Exposure Time Range: 16 microseconds - 1 seconf
  • Frame Rate: 10 - 30 frames per second


The "game" is divided into five different parts. Shoot, view, and play can easily be accessed from the main menu. Less obvious are two hidden menus that can be accessed by pressing start or select at the main menu.


Shoot allows players to take pictures. Various photographic effects, a timer, and a time lapse are all available in this section.


The player can create a slideshow or animation of the pictures they have taken.


Play takes player to Space Fever II, a game based on Space Fever. At the beginning, the player is given the option to play DJ or Ball. If the player can score 2,000 points in Space Fever II, the option to play Run! Run! Run! is added.

Start Menu

Pressing start at the menu brings the player to a new menu with the solar system as a backdrop. Players can enter information about themselves, view their high scores, and watch the credits here.

Select Menu

This menu has several options. Players can print their photos using the Game Boy Printer, add hot spots to take people from one picture to another, or edit their pictures using a variety of stamps and drawing tools.


Sequels and Remakes

  • There were plans for a new device called GameEye for the Game Boy Advance. The device was to take color pictures and connect to the GameCube.
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