F-Zero X

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F-Zero X
Developer Nintendo EAD
Publisher Nintendo
System Nintendo 64
Virtual Console
Release Date Nintendo 64
JP July 14, 1998
NA October 26, 1998
EU November 6, 1998
CN 2004
Virtual Console
JP May 29, 2007
EU June 15, 2007
US June 25, 2007
Gallery GH Gallery
Rating ESRB: E

F-Zero X is the third F-Zero game to be released in Japan and the second to be released worldwide. The game was extremely popular in Japan, selling over 50,000 copies within a week of it's release.

F-Zero X pushed the Nintendo 64 to it's limit by displaying 30 racing machines at a rate of 60 frames per second. In order to do this, the quality of the 3D models themselves were sacrificed.



The original F-Zero Grand Prix was ended after a large accident. Many of the pilots, including Captain Falcon, were injured, but none were killed, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Stewart. The rules have been revised and the race is now known as F-Zero X. This is the first F-Zero X Grand Prix.


In Grand Prix Mode, the player races against 29 other racers in a tour of various courses. The player can choose Novice, Standard, Master, or Expert difficulties for this mode. In each race, they are given a certain amount of points depending on how they place. Whoever has the most points at the end of the Grand Prix in the winner.

In Multiplayer Mode, two to four players can compete. If there are less than four players, the computer will control the remaining racers. If a player gets knocked out of the race, they enter VS Slot. BY doing well in VS Slot, the player can make the race's leader loss half or all of their energy.

Other modes include Death Race, Time Attack, and Practice.


Two years later, F-Zero X Expansion Kit was released. Available only in Japan for the Nintendo 64DD, the expansion kit added lots of new content. Though the new cups, new machines, and machine editor were nice, the best part was a track editor.


The next game in the series is F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, but F-Zero GX is the next 3D F-Zero game.

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