F-Zero GX

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F-Zero GX
Developer Sega
Publisher Nintendo
System Gamecube
Release Date JP July 25, 2003
US August 25, 2003
EU October 31, 2003
Genre Racing
Gallery GH Gallery
Rating ESRB: Teen

F-Zero GX is a futuristic racing game and the first in the F-Zero series to be developed outside of Nintendo. The game was developed with the Triforce Arcade system in mind and was designed in tandem with F-Zero AX, a counterpart arcade game with different racers and tracks.


F-Zero GX takes place a year after F-Zero X. All of the previous pilots have entered again, but this time a new foe Deathborn is plotting with Black Shadow to eliminate the other racers to guarantee the Grand Prix prize goes to them and their evil schemes. This story is only seen in Story Mode, a new addition to the F-Zero games.


The game is a high-speed racer set in a futuristic setting with backgrounds that depict futuristic or otherwise alien environments. The game features a variety of tracks where racers compete in three laps to defeat the other 29 racers. In Grand Prix mode this is done in a tour of various courses in varying level of difficulties.

Each F-Zero car has three main stats: Boost, Grip, and Body. The Boost determines how fast a speed boost the ship gets when it taps into its energy to increase speed. The grip determines how well the F-Zero reacts to turns. Finally the body determines how much energy is lost when the machine hits the side or another machine. A F-Zero machine with a strong body is often best used in destroying rival machines.

Each machine technically has an unlimited amount of boost. This is because the boost comes from the machine's energy bar. Once the bar is diminished, the car is subject to overheating and eventually exploding. Whenever the machine runs into a wall or is hit by another machine, it will lose part of its energy as well. Because of this, managing energy is an important strategy in races.

New features in the game is the nine chapter Story Mode. This mode follows the perspective of Captain Falcon as he foils Deathborn's plot. By completing Story Mode in Very Hard mode, players can unlock the F-Zero AX pilots, even if they've never played the arcade game.


Although no new F-Zero games have been made for consoles yet, F-Zero: GP Legend on the Gameboy Advance is the next game. Shigeru Miyamoto has hinted at a new F-Zero game on the Wii, but asserted it would likely use the Classic Controller.

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