F-Zero Climax

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F-Zero Climax
Developer Suzak
Publisher Nintendo
System JP October 21, 2004

F-Zero Climax is a F-Zero game for the Game Boy Advance and was the last F-Zero game for the system. It follows F-Zero GP Legend and ties in with the anime, but it was only released in Japan.


The game uses standard F-Zero gameplay with a similar engine as GP Legend, and it has the usual assortment of Grand Prix and VS Modes along with a Time Attack mode. Climax is particularly known for its extra features, as it has a level designer (the first game to have one aside from F-Zero X's expansion) as well as a Survival Mode in which the player can select certain parameters to race under. Custom tracks can be exchanged through the Game Link Cable or with passwords.

The game has no story line, but playing Survival Mode can unlock episode summaries and character profiles for the anime series.


Climax is particularly notable as the last F-Zero game made to date

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