Eggplant Wizard

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Eggplant Wizard
Debut Kid Icarus

The Eggplant Wizard is a monster appearing in both Kid Icarus games, as well as having several other cameo appearances in other games and TV Shows.


In the original Kid Icarus game for the NES, the Eggplant Wizard appears as an enemy who is quite a thorn in the side due to his ability to transform Pit into an eggplant. When he appears he uses his staff to throw out a seed that will turn the target into an eggplant. The only way to undo this transformation is by going to a hospital and seeking medical aid from the Nurse. The Eggplant Wizard is one of the few enemies to appear in every dungeon in the Underworld, Overworld, and in Sky World.

The Eggplant Wizard's appearance, like many enemies in the game, is rather unique. He is a cyclops, adorned with a cape and totes around a staff that shoots eggplants. His appearance in the sequel, Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters is almost identical to his NES appearance. His attacks are the same and he appears in the same dungeons.


  • He appears in the Captain N cartoon alongside King Hippo from Punch-Out!! as an agent of Mother Brain. He is not nearly as intimidating in this cartoon, and his bumbling ultimately leads to his and King Hippo's plans backfiring.
  • In Myths and Monsters, once turned into an Eggplant, Pit can still attack with his hammer.
  • Eggplant Wizard, along with Pit, makes a cameo appearance in WarioWare: Twisted! in a mini-game where Pit must avoid being transformed into an eggplant.
  • A sticker of the Eggplant Wizard appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
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