Dr. Mario & Puzzle League

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Dr. Mario & Puzzle League
Developer Intelligent Systems
Publisher Nintendo
System Game Boy Advance
Release Date JP September 13, 2005
EU November 25, 2005
US November 28, 2005
Genre Puzzle
Rating ESRB: E

Dr. Mario & Puzzle League was a game released for the Game Boy Advance that combined two of Nintendo's own puzzle games, Dr. Mario and Puzzle League. This is the first Puzzle League release without any theme. This release also includes a Vertical Mode.



Dr. Mario

Dr. Mario tosses several vitamins into a jar that takes up most of the screen. The jar is filled with viruses, each being one of three colors (red, blue or yellow). Each vitamin also has two colored segments. The point is to align and move the vitamins as they fall so that four vitamins and viruses of the same color are aligned, destroying all four. The game advances to the next level when all viruses are destroyed.

Puzzle League

In Puzzle League, a stack of blocks is constantly rising and the player must make sure they don't touch the top of the screen. Every time the player makes three blocks touch, the blocks disappear and the player earns points. If the player manages to make more than three disappear in a single move or makes another groups of blocks disappear as a result of their first move, they earn extra points.

Vertical Mode

In vertical mode, the playing field is tilted at a 90 degree angle and for best results, the player should turn the handheld to match it. The main area of the playing field is zoomed in so the player can focus on that without any other distractions. Because of the nature of this mode, the effect is lost when played on a Game Boy Player.


  • This would be the first Puzzle League release to not have a theme. Planet Puzzle League later expanded upon this version.
  • This version of Dr. Mario closely resembles the N64 version. In fact it changed the two songs introduced in that version, Cube and Que Que, into Cough and Sneeze respectively to fit the medical theme of the soundtrack.
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