Disaster: Day of Crisis

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Disaster: Day of Crisis
Developer Monolith Soft
Publisher Nintendo
System Nintendo Wii
Release Date Wii
JP September 25, 2008
EU October 24, 2008
AU November 13, 2008
Rating PEGI: 16+

Disaster: Day of Crisis is a new franchise game developed by Monolith Soft. Though originally designed as an early launch title by a third party software, it is now a second party games since Monolith Software's purchase by Nintendo.


When the terrorist organization SURGE steals a nuclear weapons, former US Marine Raymond Bryce is forced to go after them - especially after they kidnap the sister of his late best friend. However his efforts are hampered as he is forced to survive a variety of natural disasters ranging from earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and volcanoes.

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