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Developer R&D 1
Publisher Nintendo
System Game & Watch
Release Date Boxing
July 31, 1984
September 3, 1984
Rating E

Boxing (later retitled Punch-Out!! due to the popularity of the game of the same name despite being otherwise unconnected) is a Game & Watch game. It is the first game to be released in the "Micro Vs. System" series, which also makes it the first multiplayer Game & Watch game.


In the game, the player would control a boxer playing against an enemy boxer controlled by either the computer or a second player. The goal was to punch the enemy boxer and deplete their hearts to defeat them.


  • In 1988, the game was rereleased under the title Punch-Out!! to cash in on the popularity of the series.
  • Boxing was included as one of the minigames on Game & Watch Gallery 4, which included both the original "Classic" version and a new "Modern" version. The Modern version featured Luigi as the main character, and the game looped through three opponents, being a Wiggler, a Boo and Waluigi.
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