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Species Human
Hair color Brown
Relatives Marin (daughter)
Debut The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Tarin is a supporting character appearing in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.


Tarin lived within Mabe Village on Koholint Island with his daughter Marin. He was somewhat lazy and would often spend his time sleeping. It was he who assured Marin that there was nothing else in the world beyond the island. After Link crashed on the island and was discovered by Marin, Tarin gave him shelter in his home and held onto his shield until he woke up, then returning his shield to him as he introduced himself.

He later traveled into the Mysterious Woods to pick mushrooms but wound up transforming into a raccoon after eating one. In this form he would use his power to cause Link to become lost in the forest, although after being sprinkled with Magic Powder he would return to normal and return home to nap. Tarin had several other appearances in the game. During the trading sidequest, he could be found by a beehive and would ask to use Link's stick to shake the beehive. Tarin winds up being chased off by bees, while Link is able to claim the Honeycomb. Tarin also appears for the photo-op in front of the rooster statue in Koholint Village with Link and Marin.

Tarin later appears after Link saves Marin at the Tal Tal Mountains, calling her back. Due to the island existing only as part of the Wind Fish's dream, Tarin disappears from existence with the rest of the island once the Wind Fish is awakened.

Other Appearances

  • Tarin appeared in the manga adaptation of Link's Awakening.


  • His appearance is based on Mario, with his eating mushrooms and turning into a raccoon being references to Mario's power-ups in the games.
  • Although Tarin has not reappeared, the character of Talon who is heavily based on Tarin was reintroduced in his place in Ocarina of Time, with Malon as his daughter instead of Marin.
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