Super Mario 64 DS

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Super Mario 64 DS
Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
System Nintendo DS
Release Date US November 15, 2004
JP December 2, 2004
AU February 2, 2005
EU March 11, 2005
Gallery GH Gallery
Rating ESRB: E

Super Mario 64 DS is a Nintendo DS remake of Super Mario 64 that acted as the DS's launch title. It is the second time Nintendo used an advanced remake of a classic Mario game as a handheld launch title after Super Mario Advance: Super Mario Bros. 2 for the Game Boy Advance.



The story is altered from the original in that Luigi and Wario are also invited to Princess Peach's Castle for cake, and all three go missing upon entering the castle. It is up to Yoshi, who was napping atop the castle, to enter the castle to find and rescue the three heroes so that together they could save Peach and everyone else imprisoned in the walls of the castle from Bowser.


One of the most notable changes to the game is the addition of the three playable characters Yoshi, Luigi and Wario. Initially only Yoshi is playable but he can temporarily assume the forms of other characters by wearing special caps and the other characters are unlocked as they are freed. The additional characters had special abilities based on their moves in previous games. They additionally all had unique abilities; for example, only Wario can become metal and only Mario can use the wing cap.

The game added thirty new stars with alterations to the levels and adding various new smaller worlds. There were also a variety of new bosses which included references to Luigi's Mansion and Paper Mario. The game also had vastly superior and smoother graphics than the original Nintendo 64 version. Along with these other features, the castle was also now filled with various MIPs bunnies that could be chased and caught to collect special keys that could be used to unlock special touch screen minigames in the Rec Room, although playing said minigames was optional and did not have an effect on the main game.The controls were also changed, as the player had the option of using the D-Pad or the touch screen in place of the lack of a control stick.

Finally, the game contained a multiplayer mode for up to four players who could battle each other for Power Stars in a variety of areas.

Continuity References

  • Mario is held hostage by the "Goomboss", who is clearly the Goomba King from Paper Mario (they have the same name in the Japanese version). It is uncertain if this means that the game takes place before or after Paper Mario for reasons explored in Goomba King's own entry.
  • Additionally, Luigi is held captive by a Big Boo who is clearly supposed to be King Boo from Luigi's Mansion, as indicated by his crown and distinctive laugh. This can then be seen as foreshadowing of Luigi's Mansion, or as King Boo's revenge if it takes place after.


The Rec Room minigames were later recycled and included in New Super Mario Bros.

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