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Species Human
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Voiced by Mercedes Rose
Debut Super Mario Galaxy

Rosalina is a princess who was originally featured in Super Mario Galaxy and has become a recurring character in the spin-off titles. She makes her home in the Comet Observatory, a spaceship that is capable of traveling all across the universe. Aside from Rosalina herself, several Lumas live in the Comet Observatory; Rosalina has taken on the role of surrogate mother for them all.



Rosalina was once a girl who lived on the same planet as the Mushroom Kingdom. At a young age her mother had died, though she told Rosalina that she was going to become a star to watch over her daughter. She knew this wasn't true, but Rosalina offered to go into space with a Luma that had crash-landed on the planet to find its mother, and hoped to see her own as well.

After some time of searching, Rosalina and the Luma came upon a turquoise comet covered in ice and built a house there. The comet then came into range of an apricot-colored planet from which more of the Lumas emerged, all declaring Rosalina to be their mother. The first Luma followed along, and Rosalina agreed to care for them.

Rosalina often longed for her home and family, which led the first Luma to transform into a new comet that would carry the old one to her home planet. From then on the comet passed by the planet once every 100 years in an event that became known as the Star Festival. No longer upset, Rosalina cared greatly for the Lumas, baking a cake for each newborn and smiling to each as they became old enough to turn into new stars and galaxies.

Super Mario Galaxy

During the Star Festival depicted in Super Mario Galaxy, the Comet Observatory was attacked by Bowser and the Grand Stars that gave it power were stolen. When Mario found himself at the Gateway Galaxy, the Lumas there led him to Rosalina who explained what had happened and set him forth to find the first Grand Star with one Luma at his side.

Rosalina watched over Mario's progress throughout the rest of the adventure and also kept an eye on the Toad Brigade and Luigi after their arrivals. She would also call Mario and the Lumas into the Library and read to them from a storybook describing her own past. After the Gate was unlocked in the Comet Observatory, Rosalina returned to the Gateway Galaxy and told Mario of her connection to her home planet and her regret for Bowser's actions. Seeing that Rosalina trusted Mario, a red Luma offered to trust him as well and gave him access to the Red Star power-up.

Once the Engine Room had regained power, Rosalina flew the Comet Observatory to the Center of the Universe where Bowser had taken Peach's Castle. After Bowser was defeated and his galaxy reactor caused a nearby star to implode into a black hole, Rosalina sent Mario and the others back to the Mushroom Kingdom while the Lumas forced the black hole to close; a new galaxy was born from the remains. While taking Mario back, Rosalina described to him the cycle created by life and the fate of new stars. A special scene will also play if Mario collects all 120 Power Stars, where Rosalina stares down on the Mushroom Kingdom from the Gateway Galaxy, thanking Mario and promising to watch over the planet. She then flies away with the Comet Observatory.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Rosalina also played a role in Super Mario Galaxy 2, where Bowser once more stole the power of the Stars for galactic conquest. A baby Luma from the Comet Observatory became lost, but was found by and accompanied Mario. Rosalina's exact whereabouts were unknown, but she sent anonymous letters containing Star Bits for the baby Luma throughout the game. She also appeared as a Cosmic Spirit to guide Mario through difficult areas.

In the last level, it was shown that Bowser's Galaxy Generator was trying to suck up the Comet Observatory for more power. Rosalina appeared after Mario defeated Bowser and took the baby Luma back into her fold while thanking Mario for his feat. If Bowser is beaten again after all 120 Power Stars have been collected, an additional scene will play out in the Comet Observatory's Library. There, Rosalina reads a story to the Lumas about the Cosmic Jewels, triggering the appearance of Green Prankster Comets in every galaxy.

Rosalina's final appearance is at the end of The Perfect Run in the Grandmaster Galaxy. Once Mario has reached the end of the level, a Launch Star will take him to a planetoid resembling the Comet Observatory's Gate. Rosalina awaits him there with the final Power Star, thanking him for his help. She will then appear as a guest on Starship Mario, standing next to Lubba at the helm.

She later appeared in Super Mario 3D World, where she could be unlocked as a playable character by completing World Star-2: Super Galaxy.


Rosalina has appeared in several spin-off games as an playable character.

  • Kart Racing: Rosalina appears in Mario Kart Wii (where she is unlocked by having Super Mario Galaxy save data and the completing several cups), Mario Kart 7, Mario Kart Arcade GP DX (following an update to the game) and Mario Kart 8 (as an unlockable character). Mario Kart 8 also introduced an infant counterpart, Baby Rosalina, as an unlockable character.
  • Golf: Rosalina appears in Mario Golf: World Tour as a downloadable character.

Within the Mario Party series, Rosalina initially appeared in a non-playable capacity in Mario Party: Island Tour, where she commemorates the winners of the outer space-themed Rocket Road board. She became a playable character of the series starting in Mario Party 10 and continuing in Mario Party: Star Rush.


As a fighter in Super Smash Bros., Rosalina uses her wand and her Luma as weapons. She shows the ability to disappear and reappear in some of her movements. She also uses the following special attacks in battle:

  • Standard Special Move: Luma Shot - This move can be charged and involves Rosalina shooting her Luma forward at opponents. It stops whenever it hits someone, and Rosalina will then recall the Luma with her wand.
  • Side Special Move: Star Bits - With this move, the Luma shoots out Star Bits at enemies.
  • Up Special Move: Launch Star - With this move, Rosalina uses a Launch Star to propel herself into the air, either upwards or to the side.
  • Down Special Move: Gravitational Pull - This move summons a Star Cursor that surrounds Rosalina and offers her protection. It will nullify incoming projectiles, and it will also reel in nearby items as well as wayward Lumas.
  • Final Smash: Power Star - This is a Final Smash which is activated by using a Smash Ball. With this move, Rosalina summons a giant Power Star which gradually grows while shooting out smaller stars at opponents.

Other Appearances

Video Games

  • Rosalina appears as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U. She is accompanied in battle by a Luma that can fight independently from her, although it is not controlled by an AI. The Luma can be KOed independently from her, in which case it is replaced by a Luma of a different color. Her appearance is accompanied by two trophies, as well as a trophy for her Final Smash in the Wii U version.

Other Media

  • Rosalina has appeared within the manga Super Mario-kun, in chapters loosely based on Super Mario Galaxy.


  • Unlike everyone else in Super Mario Galaxy, Rosalina cannot be stomped and will not twirl along with Mario when he uses the spin.
  • Her name is Rosetta in Japan.
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