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Famicom Wars
Developer Intelligent Systems
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Debut Famicom Wars (1988)
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Famicom Wars is one of the first games created by Intelligent Systems. None of the games were released in America until Advance Wars in 2001.

The original game was followed by Game Boy Wars and three more Gameboy games developed by Hudson Soft: Game Boy Wars TURBO, Game Boy Wars 2, and Game Boy Wars 3. Super Famicom Wars was developed by Intelligent System, as were the subsequent Advance Wars games.

In most of the Famicom Wars game, the series has the player's character commanding the Orange Star Army against Blue Moon Army. Within the Advance Wars games, Black Hole has taken the place as the series main villains and Green Earth and Yellow Comet have been added.

A spinoff of the series, Battalion Wars, was developed by Kuju for the Gamecube and originally was titled Advance Wars: Under Fire. These games share little in common with the previous games, though the sequel Battalion Wars II features gameplay elements similar to the main series, such as factories for units and naval battles.

In 2008, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin was released for the Nintendo DS. It followed the previous Advance Wars games in terms of gameplay for the most part, while featuring a darker storyline set in a new continuity. There have been no further Wars games to date.


Before Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, there was seemingly no continuing storyline in the series. Each previous game was disconnected from the other, but featured similar units and the same two to four armies.

The Advance Wars continuity spans three games and tells of the efforts of the Allied Nations to defeat the machinations of the Black Hole army. Each game has kept the same units and COs and only added to the rosters with new characters and units, rather than replace and reinvent with every single game. However the series ended as a trilogy with Dual Strike. The next game in the series, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin started a new continuity, going so far as to replace series staples Orange Star and Blue Moon with new nations.

The Battalion Wars continuity spans two games and follows the General Herman and the Western Frontier in their battles against their enemies, most notably Xylvania and Kaiser Vlad.

Finally, Days of Ruin features its own continuity set in a post-apocalyptic world.

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