Petey Piranha

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Petey in Super Mario Sunshine.
Petey Piranha
Species Piranha Plant
Eye color None
Voiced by Isaac Marshall
Debut Super Mario Sunshine

Petey Piranha is the boss of the Piranha Plants who was apparently created through some sort of mutation. This giant Piranha Plant resembles other Piranha Plants, but has yellow petals and features a lower torso (like Ptooie from Super Mario Bros. 3) rather than just a vine-based body. Since his first appearance in Super Mario Sunshine, he has made various appearances in other games, including playable appearances in sports games.



Petey Piranha actually existed long before his appearance in Super Mario Sunshine, as shown in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. In the "past" segment of the game, he is used by the Shroobs primarily in the usage of disposing of prisoners. Although Princess Peach appeared to be fed to Petey Piranha, it was simply a ploy. In the sewers, Mario and company witnessed Kylie Koopa being eaten by Petey Piranha. Afterwards Mario and Luigi battled Petey Piranha who retained most of his abilities from his later appearances, but was lacking in goop powers. When Petey was defeated in the Gristy Caverns, he left behind Kylie and a Cobalt Star shard.

Mario first officially met Petey Piranha in Super Mario Sunshine. This giant piranha plant was the source of the goop in Bianco Hills on Delfino Island. Mario first confronted Petey Piranha on top of the windmill. Their combined weight broke the roof through. At the bottom of the windmill, Petey Piranha fought by vomiting out brown goop. Mario was able to defeat him by filling him up with water and then slamming down on his belly button. Mario battled Petey Piranha again, only this time he was able to fly and terrorized the village in the Bianco Hills. Mario used the same trick to defeat him, only by spraying him out of the air first. Petey Piranha is also a boss that appears twice in Mario Pinball Land, again at a windmill.

Petey Piranha is the boss of the World 5-Castle in New Super Mario Bros. He and Mario are sealed within an ice-covered room, where Petey flies overhead and stop occasionally to pound down on Mario. If Petey misses, however, he slips on the ice and falls over, leaving himself open to an attack. Three hits is enough to defeat him. If Petey is defeated by Mini Mario, World 7 will be unlocked instead of World 6.

He also appeared in Super Princess Peach as the boss of the Ladida Plains. Petey attacked by creating shockwaves and spitting out Nippers. To defeat him, Princess Peach had to use the tears from her Gloom powers to make the plants grow high enough and then while standing above the plants, use Gloom so that her tears entered Petey Piranha's mouth when he prepared to spit out the Nippers. This acted as a substitute of the FLUDD attack from Super Mario Sunshine, filling him with water until he fell over, at which point Peach could stomp on his belly button to hurt him. After three hits, he turned red and began flying. However, Petey was defeated after five hits.


Petey Piranha has also appeared in a surprising amount of sports games, being portrayed as a heavyweight character.

  • Golf - Petey Piranha is unlockable in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour after all the side games are beaten on all difficulty levels.
  • Kart Racing- Petey Piranha is unlockable along with his partner, King Boo in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. Both of them are capable of using any special item that other racers have.
  • Tennis - Petey is unlockable in Mario Power Tennis.
  • Baseball - Petey is again unlockable in Mario Superstar Baseball (by completing Challenge Mode with Wario) and is automatically playable in Mario Super Sluggers.
  • Basketball - Petey is not a playable character but rather a living hoop in the Daisy Gardens level of Mario Hoops: 3-on-3. Players should only dunk into Petey's mouth when he is sleeping, or he will attack.
  • Soccer - Petey can be unlocked as a playable captain in Mario Strikers Charged.
  • Other - In Mario Sports Mix, Petey Piranha is not playable but appears as part of the Daisy Garden as in Mario Hoops. He once more acts as a hoop when playing basketball, and during dodgeball he spits goop as an obstacle.

Within the Challenge Mode of Mario Super Sluggers, Petey Piranha appeared within a certain flower pot in the Peach Ice Gardens after Princess Peach used her Heart Power on it. After being awakened, he would seek a mission, and after his scout mission was completed he would be impressed enough to join the baseball team.

Other Appearances

  • Petey Piranha has been shown to appear in Super Smash Bros. Brawl where he is shown to be working under the Ancient Minister for the Subspace Army. He is the first boss in the game and uses the caged Princess Peach and Princess Zelda as weapons. He is defeated after one of the two cages is broken and explodes. Within the game a trophy of Petey Piranha can also be obtained (by using a Trophy Stand on him), and there are two stickers of Petey Piranha featuring artwork from Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour and Mario Strikers Charged.


  • His patched-up belly button is quite similar to Naval Piranha's weakspot.
  • Several boss similar to Petey Piranha, such as the Bean Piranha in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and the Dino Piranha in Super Mario Sunshine, have appeared since Petey's introduction.
  • In the Glossary of Super Princess Peach he was instead called Boss P. Plant, in a literal translation of his Japanese name (Boss Pakkun).
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