Perfect Dark

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Perfect Dark
Developer Rare
Publisher Nintendo, Rare
System Nintendo 64
Release Date Nintendo 64
US May 22, 2000
EU June 30, 2000
JP October 21, 2000
Rating ESRB: M

Perfect Dark is a first-person shooter developed by Rare. The initial American release was published by Rare, but every other release was published by Nintendo.



In the year 2023, a secret war is going on. A race of "greys" named the Maians and the reptilian Skedar battle each other. On Earth, both groups have their own bases. The Carrington Institute is secretly a spy center for the Maians while dataDyne is a weapons company with a secret link to the Skedar.

The player takes the role of Joanna Dark, a new recruit whose impeccable scores have earned her the codename "Perfect Dark". Her first mission has her investigating a mysterious dataDyne insider. In the process she uncovers a conspiracy. The Skedar and dataDyne plan on recovering a megaweapon from a UFO at the bottom of the ocean and use it to destroy the Maians. It's up to Joanna Dark to stop them.


Perfect Dark has a style of game play similar to the earlier Goldeneye 007. It's a first person shooter, has a variety of weapons, and objectives are added as the games difficulty goes up. One of the main differences between Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark is that Perfect Dark's weapons have a secondary mode of fire.

In Solo Mode, the player completes the missions of the story. However, they can also explore the Carrington Institute and take part in training activities. Doing well in training activities unlocks new content such as new weapons or new missions as different characters. Solo Mode also includes Cooperative Mode, where players help each other out to complete a mission and Counter Operative Mode, where one player tries to stop the other from completing a mission.

Combat Simulator is Perfect Dark's multiplayer mode. The goal is determined by which scenario the player chooses. Combat is a traditional death match. Capture the Case is the same as Capture the Flag. Hold the Briefcase has players trying to hold the briefcase for the longest amount of time while opponents try to kill the player and try to get it for themselves. King of the Hill has player's trying to stay in a certain spot for the longest amount of time while others try to occupy the same spot. Hacker Central requires players to find a data uplink and use it to hack a computer. Finally, Pop a Cap has one player designated the "cap". The cap gets points for every minute they stay alive while others try to kill the cap. When the cap is killed, a random player is selected as the new cap.



A Game Boy Color game of the same name was made. In terms of gameplay, the two games weren't similar. It was one of the few GBC games to have a built-in Rumble Pak. The first true sequel was the game Perfect Dark Zero for the Xbox 360.

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