Mario Tennis

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Mario Tennis
Developer Camelot
Publisher Nintendo
System Nintendo 64, Virtual Console
Release Date Nintendo 64
JP June 21, 2000
US August 25, 2000
EU November 3, 2000
Virtual Console
JP June 18, 2010
US June 28, 2010
EU August 31, 2010
Rating ESRB: E

Mario Tennis (known in Japan by the less confusing title of Mario Tennis 64) is a Mario-based tennis game that was released for the Nintendo 64 in 2000.



Mario Tennis features tennis gameplay with Mario characters and settings, and most shots are performed using the A and B buttons. There are Singles and Doubles matches as well as bonus games available for the player, and a wide variety of playable characters are present to accommodate this. This roster includes Waluigi in his first appearance, and it also brings back the long-absent characters Princess Daisy and Birdo.

The Transfer Pak could also be used to connect Mario Tennis with its Game Boy Color counterpart. One of the four player characters from the game could be temporarily transferred to the N64 game, and it also made it possible to unlock more courts.


Although it was preceded by Mario's Tennis, Mario Tennis marked the true beginning of the Mario Tennis games due to the prior game's relative obscurity. Additionally, the playable characters brought into this game (particularly Daisy and Waluigi, as well as to a lesser extent Birdo) were commonly used in later sports and party games.

Ports and Remakes


It was accompanied by a companion game of the same name for the Game Boy Color, which was released during the same year. The next console game was Mario Power Tennis.

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