Link's Crossbow Training

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Link's Crossbow Training
Full Title Link's Crossbow Training
Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
System Nintendo Wii
Release Date US November 19, 2007
EU December 7, 2007
AU December 13, 2007
JP May 1, 2008
KO October 28, 2010
Rating ESRB: T

Link's Crossbow Training is a target shooting game for the Nintendo Wii. The game comes bundled with the Wii Zapper.


The game contains three different modes. In Target Mode, the player shoots stationary targets. In Defender Mode, the player stand in one place while battling a group of enemies. In Ranger Mode, the player can move around the level using the nunchuck controller's joystick and shoot enemies. The game itself utilizes the engine from Twilight Princess, and features various enemies and environments from the game.

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