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A Lakitu depicted in Super Paper Mario.
Type Koopa
Debut Super Mario Bros.

The Lakitu has been described as "the mysterious turtle who controls the clouds". They are a unique species of Koopas that ride on clouds, most often throwing down Spiny Eggs on their unsuspecting foes.



It does seem to be a mystery how the Lakitus can control clouds, but it does not seem to be a mystery why they would. They are pudgy Koopas who wear glasses and probably would not last long in a real fight. Instead he attacks from out-of-reach places and hides behind his friends. His "friends" being the Spinies, as Lakitus often drop Spiny eggs towards their enemies to fight their battles. If a Lakitu is defeated, it is possible to hijack his empty cloud if it can be boarded before it disappears. Not all Lakitus ride in clouds, they have also been known to attack from pipes, holes in walls and underwater.

Lakitus are also often seen with fishing poles that they use to lure in prey. Generally they will bait Mario with a powerup or coin, but will begin to pursue him once he shows up. They are generally referred to as Fishin' Lakitu and a similar enemy, Fishin' Boo (which seems to be the ghost version of a Lakitu) uses a similar baiting trick.

Although Lakitus are believed to only be able to control clouds, some Lakitus have shown some signs of weather control as well. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island had Thunder Lakitus which dropped lightning that started fires along the ground, although they seemed to be aided by some sort of mechanical apparatus. One Lakitu who actually had this ability was Lakithunder, a boss in New Super Mario Bros. who dropped bolts of lightning.

Despite all these evil Lakitus working with Bowser's army, there are actually a number of good Lakitu as well. Lakitus have been known to work in camera crews (in Super Mario 64), as shopkeepers (in DDR Mario Mix) as umpires (the tennis games), and they are most well-known for their role in the Mario Kart series; there a Lakitu referee will count down to the beginning of the race and use its fishing pole to save any fallen racers. Lakitus have also appeared as a capsule item in Mario Party 5and Mario Party 7. In Mario Party 7 their capsule can only be found in the Neon Heights. Even when Lakitus are not directly involved as allies or enemies, they usually make some sort of cameo appearance.

Yoshi also had a Lakitu friend. The Lakitu was brainwashed by Kamek and became the first boss of Tetris Attack. After the Lakitu was defeated, the spell was lifted, and the Lakitu became a playable ally of Yoshi. In Paper Mario, a group of bad Lakitus called Team Lakitu aided Huff N. Puff's attack on Flower Fields. However, one of the Lakitus named Lakilester turned on them and became one of Mario's partners. Lakilester's cloud could protect Mario from harm, and he could blow strong gusts of wind.


Game: Super Mario Bros. Points: 800
Enemies that fly overhead and drop Spinies on the ground. Can be killed by fireball or stomping.

Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 Points: 100
Enemies that fly overhead and drop Spinies on the ground. Can be killed by fireball, stomping, or hammers.

Game: Super Mario World Points: 200
Enemies that fly overhead and drop Spinies on the ground. Can be killed by fireball, stomping or eating with Yoshi. Hitting him with a shell will make his cloud available to use.

Game: Yoshi's Island Points: N/A
Enemies that fly overhead and throws spiked eggs at Yoshi. Can be killed by eggs or being eaten. Alternate versions pop out of holes.


  • Aqua Lakitu - In Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, they are Lakitus who pop up from the water wearing snorkels and attack by tossing Spiny Balls. They are only vulnerable when they emerge.
  • Calm Fishin' Boo - An emotional variant of the Fishin' Boo in Super Princess Peach that is usually sleeping. Moving fast will awaken it, at which point it will behave like a normal Fishin' Boo, although it can be destroyed using the Rage Vibe.
  • Calm Lakitu - An emotional variant from Super Princess Peach. It is simply a sleeping Lakitu, and behaves like a normal Lakitu after being awakened.
  • Dark Lakitu - In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, they are meaner and stronger versions of the Lakitu found only in the Pit of 100 Trials. It tosses Sky-Blue Spinies.
  • Fishin' Boo - A ghost version of the Lakitu that dangles fishing lines similar to the Fishin' Lakitu. It usually dangles a blue flame from its line and is immune to most normal attacks. It appears in Super Mario World and Super Princess Peach. In the latter game it can be destroyed by the Rage Vibe.
  • Glam Lakitu - In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Glam Lakitus are rare enemies who may appear in the upper screen during battles in Dimble Wood, Bumpsy Plains and Blubble Lake. If Bowser can inhale it before it runs away, Mario and Luigi can then battle it. These Lakitus are somewhat regal, wearing a crown, and toss golden Spinies as well as coins.
  • Lakipea - The Beanbean Kingdom's counterpart to the Lakitu appearing in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. It is covered in vines and tosses Sharpeas, and otherwise behaves similarly to Lakitus.
  • Lakitufo - The Shroobian counterpart of the Lakitus appearing in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, although it is uncertain if they are actually of Shroobian origin or are actually modified Lakitus. They are Lakitus with antennas that cling to small UFOs in battle. They toss Spiny Shroopa Eggs and can also beam in additional Spiny Shroopas from their UFOs, and will sometimes attack themselves with an aerial spin attack. They appear in the Vim Factory level.
  • Thunder Lakitu - In Yoshi's Island, they are Lakitus with a strange mechanical apparatus that shoot down lightning. They appear in one level of the game but also make a surprise cameo appearance in Mario Power Tennis, scattering Klaptraps from the DK Court.

Other Appearances


  • Lakitus have also appeared as enemies in The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. In this game Lakitus appear in the cloud areas and use lightning magic to attack.
  • The Lakitu appears as an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U. The Lakitu is represented in its original 8-bit pixel appearance from Super Mario Bros. and drops Spinies on players. A trophy of this Lakitu, as well as two stickers of Lakitu using art from Mario Kart Super Circuit and New Super Mario Bros., can also be found in the game. In the 3DS Smash, Lakitus also appear as enemies in Smash Run, using their modern designs rather then the 8-bit appearance. The 3DS/Wii U games both have a trophy for Lakitu in his 8-bit form, while the 3DS game also has a trophy for Lakitu as he appears in Smash Run as well as a trophy for Lakitu with the Cloud 9 kart from Mario Kart.


  • Japanese name: Jugem (hence the Lakitu's cloud accidentally being called Jugem's Cloud in the American version of Super Mario Bros. 3).
  • In Tetris Attack, the Lakitu replaced Windy from the original Panel De Pon.
  • The Lakitu appears as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee.
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