Intelligent Systems

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Intelligent Systems
Type First Party
Founded 1986
Status Active
Base Kyoto, Japan
Bestseller Golf
Homepage Japanese Site
Notable Members Shouzo Kaga
Gunpei Yokoi
Key Franchises Fire Emblem
Famicom Wars

Intelligent Systems is one of Nintendo's first party developers. They are known for their work on Nintendo Wars and Fire Emblem. In the past, they have worked closely with R&D 1.



Intelligent Systems was founded by a group of developers from R&D 1. When R&D 1 was told to focus on the Gameboy, the defectors started their own team: Intelligent Systems. Gunpei Yokoi was the head of both teams and they shared personal on certain projects. However, they also created their own games including Famicom Wars and Fire Emblem.

During the Super Nintendo era, they split themselves into four teams: Team Deer Forse, responsible for work on Super Metroid; Team Battle Clash, who worked on Super Scope games; Team Emblem, who worked on Fire Emblem games; and Team Shikamaru, who worked on Mario Paint. Most of their games for the Super Nintendo were niche titles.

When the Nintendo 64 was released, Intelligent Systems had trouble with working in 3D. They decided to focus on Gameboy games. However, they have started developing games for the Gamecube and the Wii.

Along with making games, Intelligent System has been responsible for the development tools for every Nintendo system to date, with the possible exception of the Wii.


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