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Grimsley as seen in Black and White
Species Human
Hair color Blue
Eye color Blue
Debut Pokémon: Black and White Versions

Grimsley is a member of the Elite Four of Unova who appears in Pokémon: Black and White Versions. He specializes in Dark-type Pokémon.


Grimsley was a member of the Elite Four who secluded himself in a chamber that had a spiraling conveyor belt lamp leading up to the area where he awaited challengers. He himself was adorned in spooky, vampire-esque attire. He apparently was from a family whom had fallen into disgrace and turned to gambling to make ends meet. Grimsley did not pay much mind to losing to other challengers, as he believed that the true warrior spent his time pondering the next battle. He considered life to be a serious battle in which one had to use the tools they were given, and believed that it was better for one to master what they had than to complain about what their opponents had. Grimsley also pondered the ambiguous distinction between good and bad ways to win. He considered Pokémon battles to be proof that one is really living.

In Pokémon: Black and White Versions, he was challenged and defeated by N and later Hilbert/Hilda, which led him to briefly remark about the trainers coming one after another. When he was beaten by Hilbert/Hilda, he told them that their Pokémon were shining brilliantly in the glow of victory and then apathetically resigned himself to being the guy who lost. He could later be challenged to rematches.

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  • His name is a play on "grim", which reflects his affinity for Dark-types.
  • According to his designer, his design was based on Count Dracula, and his red-and-blue colors also are a reference to the colors on roulette wheels.
  • He is the only member of this generation's Elite Four (counting the champion) who never appears outside of his room.
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