Grill-Off with Ultra Hand!

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Grill Off with Ultra Hand
Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
System WiiWare
Release Date JP November 9, 2009
US March 31, 2010

Grill Off with Ultra Hand is a Club Nintendo exclusive for Japanese and American members. It is a regular reward that can be purchased for 80 virtual points (50 in Japan). Because it is a download, the user is actually purchasing a download ticket for the game rather than the game itself. The game is based off of Gunpei Yokoi's Ultra Hand toy that Nintendo manufactured in 1966.

The gameplay is extremely simple amounting to nothing more than a high score challenge. Instead of stands and balls from the original packaged toy, the player is challenged to grab burning meat off the top of grills. The hand is controlled by simply moving the Wii Remote and Nunchuck away and toward each other. The meat must burn for a few seconds to become properly cooked to obtain more points. The grill can be manually sped up by pressing either the B or Z buttons. The game gets frantic as more and more pieces of meat and types of meat appear on the grills. The game ends when a piece of meat is burned or dropped. A 2 player multiplayer mode is also available that challenges the players to score the most points within 90 seconds. This mode has 4 grills evenly divided between red and blue. More points can be scored by stealing meat off the opponents grill.

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