Golf (Game Boy)

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Developer Intelligent Systems
Publisher Nintendo
System Game Boy, 3DS Virtual Console
Release Date Game Boy
JP November 28, 1989
US February 1990
EU September 28, 1990
3DS Virtual Console
JP June 29, 2011
US September 8, 2011
EU/AU October 13, 2011
Rating ESRB: E

Golf is a Game Boy game which acts as a counterpart to the NES's Golf. It was a launch title for the system in Europe.


The game can choose from 36 courses that are located in Japan and the United States of America. Wind speed and different types of terrain are used as criteria to judge golf swings. There are also water and sand hazards in some courses. The player can choose between a one-player tournament or a two-player match that is played with the Game Link Cable. This game can also be saved. Like the NES game, it features a golfer with a wardrobe similar to Mario's.


Ports and Remakes

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