Goldeneye 007

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Goldeneye 007
Developer Rare
Publisher Nintendo
System Nintendo 64
Release Date Nintendo 64
JP August 23, 1997
US August 25, 1997
EU August 25, 1997
AU August 25, 1997
Rating ESRB: T

Goldeneye 007 is a first-person shooter based on the movie of the same name. It is considered one of the few good games based on movies and the first good FPS on a console.

Originally, this game was going to be a rail shooter for the Super Nintendo. The game took two and half years to develop. The first year and a half was spent building the game engine, created art assets, and developing enemy AI.



The game takes place in 1980. M16 has uncovered chemical weapons at the Byelomorye Dam in the USSR. As James Bond, the player must infiltrate the facility by bungee jumping of the dam and meet up with fellow agent, Alec Trevelyan.


The game is made up of twenty different missions, each available at Agent, Secret Agent, 00-Agent, and 007 difficulty. 007 difficulty is customizable and only available after beating the entire game at 00-Agent difficulty. Each difficulty level gives the player new objectives to complete.

Goldeneye was one of the first FPS's to let the player do different amounts of damage depending on what part of the body and what side of the body you attack. Stealth was also encouraged by letting the player shoot security cameras and alarms. There were also cheats available if the player managed to beat the level within a certain time limit.

Perhaps the most popular feature of Goldeneye is it's multiplayer. Players can choose from 31 characters (only 12 are unlockable at first), 11 arenas, and several weapon sets. The modes of play include Normal (the typical death match), You Only Live Twice (death match with two lives), The Living Daylights (hold the flag the longest), The Man with the Golden Gun (Death match with a gun that kills with one shot), and License to Kill (all attacks kill in one hit).


The engine used to create Goldeneye was reused to create Perfect Dark.


  • It was remade for release on the Nintendo Wii. This version was developed by Activision and features Daniel Craig (James Bond's current actor) as James Bond's model in place of Pierce Brosnan (who played Bond in the original Goldeneye movie).


The James Bond license was bought by Electronic Arts after Goldeneye. The next Bond game was Tomorrow Never Dies.

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