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Gamehiker Wiki is an extension of the main site, providing a source for a comprehensive amount of information on video games from an 'in-universe' approach as well as on the actual video games and consoles.



The Wiki in its current format is geared towards covering Nintendo First and Second Party games only. However this decision is by no means final, if you wish to pursue expanding the Wiki's coverage to other series, refer to the Talk Page.

What We Don't Cover

  • Game-based content, such as movies, cartoons/anime, comics/manga, and other publications unless deemed canonical. Although this information is eligible for coverage, they are considered non-canonical information that should be covered in separate entries.
  • In the event of third party games, licenses based on a non-game medium are not covered. (e.g. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Spider-Man, and other games are not eligible for in-universe coverage inside the Wiki.)
  • Fangames, no mater how high-tech, are just that. If they are no officially endorsed by the developers of a series, they should not appear on the Wiki. Exceptions may include unusual cases, such as the CD-i Zelda games, even if considered noncanonical.
  • Fanart is not to be used in place of official artwork - even if official artwork is unavailable. If uploaded, fanart will be deleted immediately.
  • Fansites may be linked on entries if relevant, but you will not find Wiki entries devoted to particular websites. This also means that you should not use entries to flaunt your website. If it's your website, it's not a good idea to link it yourself.
  • Timelines for game series with ambiguous timelines (e.g. Legend of Zelda). Unless an official timeline exists, the Gamehiker Wiki does not sponsor any fan-devised timeline.


In-universe is essentially defined as an entry written from the perspective that events in a video game should be written as they would be written by an inhabitant of that universe. Essentially this means that in the context of an article on a game character, the entry does not need to acknowledge that a character is fictional or treat the character as such.


The Gamehiker Wiki defines a game's canon by three simple steps, in order of importance:

  • The games and their in-game text are considered to have the highest precedence.
  • The instruction manuals are considered of important value due to the inclusion with the game.
  • Official Guides and other official publications are often used depending on the developer of the game and the publisher of the document. This may vary greatly for each series.

Since the Gamehiker Wiki is in many ways different than Wikipedia, these guidelines of canon can vary depending on the game series in question. For information concerning a game franchise's usage of canon on the Gamehiker Wiki, refer to the Portal Page for that franchise.

Current Focus

Right now the site's main focus is getting the old entries into Wiki format, while also making sure we have the appropriate categories and templates, instead of haphazardly setting things up in a plain format. Instead of just transferring them, we want them to look good.

Since it will obviously take time to transfer each entry, it is preferable we hit the biggest stuff first and work our way down to the smaller stuff. The more we get done, the faster the site can get off the ground and be open to the public for editing, meaning a bit of a lift off of writing duties for us maintainers.


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