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Nintendo GamecubeThe Panasonic Q
Nintendo GameCube
Manufacturer Nintendo
Type Home Console
Generation Sixth
Lifespan 2001 - 2007
CPU IBM PowerPC "Gekko," 486 MHz
GPU ATI Technologies, 162 MHz
Media 1.5GB Nintendo Gamecube Game Disc
Storage Nintendo GameCube Memory Cards
Controllers Four inputs
Connectivity Nintendo GameCube Broadband or Modem Adapter
Release Date JP September 14, 2001
US November 18, 2001
EU May 3, 2002
AU May 7, 2002
Units Sold 21.74 million
Top Game Super Smash Bros. Melee
Predecessor Nintendo 64
Successor Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo GameCube is Nintendo's fourth home console. It is the most compact and the least expensive of the sixth generation of consoles. The Gamecube was unveiled at Space World 2000, Nintendo's trade show.

The GameCube is able to link with the Game Boy Advance using a link cable. Certain games, including Animal Crossing, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and Metroid Prime, had unlockable content only available by linking the games together. Other games, including The Legend of Zelda: Four Sword Adventures and Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle, used the Game Boy Advance as a controller.

The Game Cube also is capable of networking. It can connect to both LANs and the internet. The only high profile game to use the internet connection is Phantasy Star Online.




Shaped like a cube, the GameCube is available in purple, black, indigo, and a special Resident Evil 4 edition. In Japan, it was available in Spice Orange, white, Mint Green, and white with pinstripes.

Panasonic Q

A special edition of the GameCube released in Japan, the Q has additional ability to play DVDs, CDs, and MP3s. Other features include a backlit LCD, a front-loading slot disk tray, an optical sound output supporting Dolby Digital 5.1, a separate subwoofer jack, and a stainless steel chassis. The Q was first produced in December 2001 and ceased production in December 2003. They sold for US$439.

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