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Gameboy AdvanceGameboy Advance SPGameboy Advance Micro
Game Boy Advance
Manufacturer Nintendo
Type Handheld
Generation Sixth
Lifespan 2001 - 2007
16.78 MHz
GPU Custom 2D core
Media Cartridge
Release Date Game Boy Advance
JP March 21, 2001
US June 11, 2001
EU June 22, 2001
Game Boy Advance SP
JP February 14, 2003
US March 23, 2003
EU March 28, 2003
Game Boy Micro
JP September 13, 2005
US September 19, 2005
EU November 4, 2005
Units Sold 81.49 million
Top Game Pokémon: Ruby and Sapphire Versions
Compatibility Game Boy
Game Boy Color
Predecessor Game Boy Color
Successor Nintendo DS

The Game Boy Advance is the third and, so far, final product in the Game Boy line. The Game Boy Advance features better graphics than the Game Boy Color as well as being backwards compatible with Game Boy and Game Boy Color. It was released in 2001 in Japan, America, and Europe. It wasn't released in China until 2004.

There were reports of the Game Boy Advance, then known as "Project Atlantis", as early as 1996. The early reports of the Game Boy Advance being able to display graphics on par with the Super Nintendo were surprisingly accurate.



Game Boy Advance

The original Game Boy Advance had an oblong shape. It also lacked the later designs' backlit screen. The Game Boy Advance came in violet, milky blue, white, orange, silver, and gold. Special editions include platinum, silver, Target Red, Target Grape, Toys'R'Us Midnight Blue, Pokemon Center New York gold, Pokemon Center Japan red and blue, Chobits clear blue, King of Fighters clear black, and Megaman blue.

Game Boy Advance SP

The Game Boy Advance SP is considerably smaller than the original Game Boy Advance. It's hinged with all the buttons on the lower half and the screen on the upper half. Most importantly, the screen is backlit. It was originally available in Platinum Silver, Azulite Blue, and Onyx Black. Pearl Pink, Pearl Blue, and Famicom Color were later added.

Japanese exclusives include Kingdom Hearts edition, Donkey Kong edition, Naruto edition, Bandai edition, Famicom 20th Anniversary edition, Star Light Gold, Mana Blue edition, Jango Reed and Black, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance edition, Rayquaza edition, Charizard edition, Venusaur edition, Groudon edition, Kyogre edition, and Torchic orange.

European exclusives Mario edition(half red, half silver), Zelda edition(Gold with Triforce), pink, Tribal edition, and Girls edition(Spain only). U.S. exclusives include Lime/Orange, Surf Blue, Lime, Platinum and Onyx, Cobalt, Flame, Who Are You? edition(Black with "Who Are You?" logo), NES edition, and Tattoo edition. Other exclusives include the Dragon edition(China), Pearl(Future shop in Canada), Rip Curl(Australia), and All Blacks(Australia).

Game Boy Micro

The Game Boy Micro redesign was not as popular as the Game Boy Advance SP. A little smaller than the average credit card, the Game Boy Micro was harder to play.

The original Game Boy Micro was silver. The Game Boy Micro had a Mother 3 edition, aFinal Fantasy IV edition, and a Famicom-stylized version.

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