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Nintendo GameboyNintendo Gameboy Pocket
Game Boy
Manufacturer Nintendo
Type Handheld
Generation Fourth
Lifespan 1989 - 1998
CPU Custom 8-bit Sharp LR35902
Media Cartridge
Release Date Game Boy
JP April 21, 1989
US August 1989
EU September 28, 1990
Game Boy Pocket
Worldwide 1996
Game Boy Light
JP April 14, 1998
Units Sold 69.42 million
Top Game Pokémon: Red, Green and Blue Versions
Predecessor Game & Watch
Successor Game Boy Color

The Game Boy was Nintendo's first handheld game system based on cartridges. It was first released in Japan and America in 1989 for US$89.95. It was released in Europe the following year. The Game Boy was originally bundled with Tetris.



Game Boy

The original Game Boy was bigger than the later Game Boy Pocket, earning it the nickname "the dinosaur." It also required 4 AA batteries to play and had a shorter battery life than the Game Boy Pocket. It's original color is a tan. Variations include clear, white, black, green, red, yellow, and Manchester United Football Club.

Game Boy Pocket

The Game Boy Pocket is significantly smaller than the original Game Boy and can easily fit into a pocket. It runs on a mere 2 AAA batteries and has a longer battery life than the original Game Boy. It was available in gray, yellow, green, red, black, and clear purple. Special editions of the Game Boy Pocket include Ice Blue, Extreme Green(a see through green case), blue, clear, gold, silver, ANA(see through blue), glow-in-the-dark, Altus(grey with blue trim around the screen), Famitsu(clear with blue trim), and Hello Kitty version.

Game Boy Light

Definitely the rarest design, the Game Boy Light is similar to the Game Boy Pocket in almost every aspect. The one difference is that it has a backlit screen. The Game Boy Light was only sold in Japan. It was originally sold with a silver or gold color. Special editions of the Game Boy Light include clear yellow, Famitsu edition(clear case with white trim and buttons), two Astroboy editions, and a yellow Pikachu edition.

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