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Developer Nintendo R&D 1
Publisher Nintendo
System Game & Watch
Release Date July 31, 1980

Fire is a Game & Watch game. It's part of the "Silver" series.


The player controls two firemen carrying a trampoline. People are jumping out of a nearby building and the player must bounce them to a nearby ambulance. In Game A, people only leaped out of the third floor. People jump out of the second floor as well as the third floor in Game B.


One of Mr. Game & Watch's moves are based on Fire.

Ports and Remakes

  • Fire was one of the games included in Game & Watch Gallery. Both the original Classic mode and a new Modern mode featuring contemporary characters from Mario games were included. In the Modern Mode, the player controlled Mario and Luigi in similar gameplay catching falling characters which included Toads, Donkey Kong Juniors and Yoshis. Disruptive bob-ombs will also fall.
  • In 1997, Fire was released by Toymax as part of their MiniClassics line.
  • A reversed version of Fire was unlockable in Game & Watch Gallery 3. It was probably reversed due to a rumor that Nintendo released some games with backward screens. This was not accompanied by a Modern reinterpretation.
  • Fire was also one of the games included in Game & Watch Gallery 4. It was similar to the Game & Watch Gallery version except with enhanced graphics.
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