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Affiliation Mario
Origin E. Gadd Scientifics, Inc.
Debut Super Mario Sunshine

A sentient invention from E. Gadd Scientifics, Inc., FLUDD is a Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device. Mario picks up FLUDD during his vacation on Isle Delfino, and is able to implement it as a water pump to clean up the goop that Shadow Mario used to destroy the place. It provides hints and witty comments to Mario, and appears to have a database of knowledge in regards to the Mushroom Kingdom.


Super Mario Sunshine

Mario first discovered FLUDD at the Delfino Airport, where a Pianta told him to use the device to clean up the mess Shadow Mario had created. After Mario was arrested for Shadow Mario's crimes and sentenced to clean up the mess, FLUDD assisted in the task. When the duo confronted Bowser Jr. at Pinna Park, they learned that E. Gadd had given him the magic paintbrush, inciting in FLUDD a memory of its own creator.

Prior to the start of a secret stage, Shadow Mario swoops past and steals FLUDD from Mario, forcing him to finish by himself. If Mario returns to the secret stage with FLUDD, he can earn a Shine for grabbing eight red coins on the course within a time limit. FLUDD is also stolen during The Goopy Inferno mission of Pianta Village and is not found until near the end of the course.

FLUDD began to short-circuit during the final battle with Bowser, emphasized by its drawn-out comments. The fall from the hot tub caused it to shut down completely, which was somewhat upsetting to Mario. Fortunately, Peach's Toad escorts were later able to fix it, and it joined in with the vacationing.


As a water pump, FLUDD can generate a stream of water drawn from the tank that makes up its body. Throughout the game, FLUDD can be used to clean up the various types of goop, including graffiti that turns into world entrances or Blue Coins. It can also be used to spray enemies and stun them (or defeat them in some cases) and to turn birds into coins or 1-ups. However, FLUDD's abilities become dormant while riding a Yoshi. Mario can refill FLUDD by stepping into any body of water and absorbing the liquid, by collecting water bottles, or by being splashed with water from various sources.

FLUDD can equip four different nozzles, their functions listed below:

Squirt Nozzle

This is FLUDD's primary nozzle and the only one that cannot be swapped out for another. The Squirt Nozzle allows for all of the abilities listed above, and will spray a single stream of water in whatever direction Mario is facing. It can be used while moving or while zoomed in for better accuracy.

Hover Nozzle

The Hover Nozzle is FLUDD's automatic secondary nozzle and will be equipped at the start of every stage. The Hover Nozzle fires two jets of water downward from Mario's back that will slowly propel him upward and allow him to move horizontally over gaps. Spare Hover Nozzles appear in blue-trimmed E. Gadd Scientifics crates throughout the game.

Turbo Nozzle

The Turbo Nozzle will not be activated until after Mario has collected 25 Shines and completed The Wilted Sunflowers mission of Pinna Park. It must first be taken from Shadow Mario in a chase across Delfino Plaza. It becomes FLUDD's secondary nozzle when collected and allows the device to fire a stream of water behind Mario, forcing him to run at high speeds; this takes a few moments to charge, however. While running this fast, Mario can skim across water and smash through objects he couldn't before. Spare Turbo Nozzles appear in gray-trimmed E. Gadd Scientifics crates throughout the game, though often a specific crate must be opened for others to become available.

Rocket Nozzle

FLUDD's final nozzle, the Rocket Nozzle is not available until after Mario collects 30 Shines and the Turbo Nozzle. As with its predecessor, this nozzle must be taken from Shadow Mario first and replaces FLUDD's current secondary nozzle when collected. The Rocket Nozzle allows FLUDD to fire a concentrated burst of water downward that launches Mario into the air. Like the Turbo Nozzle, it must be charged up first; however, it can be used in mid-air to further increase Mario's height. Spare Rocket Nozzles appear in red-trimmed E. Gadd Scientifics crates throughout the game, though often a specific crate must be opened for others to become available.

Other Appearances

Though the FLUDD from Super Mario Sunshine has yet to reappear in a Mario game, several FLUDD nozzles appear during certain mini games in Mario Power Tennis, where they lob balls of water at a player who must hit them into piles of goop on the court. Red and blue colored FLUDD nozzles appear as obstacles in Super Mario Galaxy. The red nozzles spray fire while blue nozzles will spit bubbles that can trap Mario inside, often taking him to places he could not reach otherwise.

In Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, the Mario Bros. and their younger selves encounter E. Gadd at Thwomp Volcano; when his lab catches afire, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi put it out. The younger Gadd is struck by inspiration that reaches the older Gadd, who invents the Hydrogush 4000, a device similar in appearance to FLUDD, though much larger. The Hydrogush is used to extinguish Thwomp Volcano, and later to spread a substance similar to baby tears across the Mushroom Kingdom to rid it of Shroob influence.

FLUDD will appear in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as one of Mario's special moves. It replaces the Mario Tornado as Mario's down special move from previous Smash Bros. games. Here, FLUDD is able to spray water at opponents to push them considerable distances, though it will not cause damage at the same time; this attack can be charged for more potency.


  • When FLUDD is identifying Mario during its introduction, scenes from Super Mario Bros., Super Mario World, and Super Mario 64 can be seen in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • When FLUDD is shutting down during the ending, the "GAME OVER" scene can be seen in the lower left corner of the screen.
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