F-Zero AX

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F-Zero AX
Developer Sega
Publisher Nintendo
System Arcade
Release Date JP July 2003
US September 2003
Genre Racing
Gallery GH Gallery

F-Zero AX is an arcade game based on the F-Zero series designed on the Triforce arcade system. It was developed as the arcade counterpart of F-Zero GX.


F-Zero AX plays virtually similar to its Gamecube counterpart. Primary differences is playing with a wheel controller and an attached seat. In some cases these seats are mechanical tilting chairs that require the player to put on a seat belt before playing.

The game is a high-speed racer set in a futuristic setting with backgrounds that depict futuristic or otherwise alien environments. The game features a variety of tracks where racers compete in three laps to defeat the other 29 racers. In Grand Prix mode this is done in a tour of various courses in varying level of difficulties. The only other mode is Time Trial, a single player can try to beat the course as fast as possible.

The game features only fourteen pilots instead of the usual thirty. The first four are the original pilots from F-Zero with an additional ten pilots created specifically for the arcade game.

Gamecube Connectivity

By bringing a Gamecube memory card with F-Zero GX data to the arcade cabinet, players could increase their rankings, use their customized vehicles, and then bring back whatever parts or tracks they had won to use back on their own game. However due to the rarity of the arcade game, especially outside of Japan, the parts and characters from F-Zero AX can be unlocked in GX by beating playing parts of the game in Hard and Very Hard mode.


The next game in the series was F-Zero: GP Legend. No other console or arcade F-Zero games have yet been announced.

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