F-Zero: GP Legend

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F-Zero GP: Legend
Developer Suzak
Publisher Nintendo
System Game Boy Advance, Wii U Virtual Console
Release Date Game Boy Advance
JP November 28, 2003
EU June 4, 2004
NA September 20, 2004
Wii U Virtual Console
JP October 1, 2014
JP January 1, 2015
Gallery GH Gallery
Rating ESRB: E

F-Zero GP: Legend is the second handheld F-Zero game to be released. Unlike the previous titles, it was developed as a tie-in to the anime series of the same name, which first aired October 7, 2003.



Considered a reboot or reimagining of the series, GP Legend takes place in 2201. The game (and the anime) are centered largely around the Mobile Task Force, a special division of the Galactic Space Federation. They are a special group dedicated to combating the forces of Dark Million. One of their duties is to race in the F-Zero Grand Prix to prevent the likes of Black Shadow and Zoda using the winnings for evil. Like F-Zero GX, the game features a story mode, but a difference is that instead of playing only as Captain Falcon, there are eight character-specific storyline paths.

The first four follow the heroes Captain Falcon, newcomer Rick Wheeler, Jody Summer, and Jack Levin. The villainous stories follow Samurai Goroh, his wife Lisa Brilliant, Black Shadow, and Zoda. The storylines crossover the events of the other, with some characters getting into races with eachother or other major F-Zero characters, like Octoman and Michael Chain.


In GP Legend, players have a choice of over 30 characters (all the original F-Zero X pilots with new characters from the anime). As with most games, there is the Grand Prix, Time Trial, and a Challenge mode. Using link cables, up to four different players can compete. As noted previously, there is also a story mode with separate paths, a first for the series. In Japan, the game featured E-Reader support. Using the cards, players could unlock special tracks and a variety of characters. However the characters and courses were made unlockable via other means in the international releases.




In 2004, the game was followed up by F-Zero Climax, which was also based on the anime. However due to the poor sales of GP Legend in the United States (as well as the fact the anime was canceled a month prior), the game was released only in Japan.

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