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Developer indieszero
Publisher Nintendo
System Nintendo DS
Release Date JP April 7, 2005
NA January 9, 2006
EU July 7, 2006
Rating ESRB: E

Electroplankton is an experimental music game for the Nintendo DS. The game was designed by multimedia artist Toshio Iwai. The North American release was limited to New York's World of Nintendo and online retailers, but the game was given a full release in Japan.


Players interact with different types of plankton in order to make music. Through a combination of stylus controls, the player can control when the sound starts and can alter the sound. Two types of plankton can record sound using the DS's microphone.

The game has two modes. Audience Mode demonstarates the various interactions while Performance Mode lets the player play with no prerecorded content.


Electroplankton's 10 mini-games were split into separate 200 point DSiWare releases.

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