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Developer Nintendo R&D 1
Publisher Nintendo
System Game & Watch
Release Date AU October 9, 1981

Egg is a Game & Watch game released in the Widescreen format. It was actually made as a legally distinct version of the Mickey Mouse game and is rare as it was only released in Australia and some Asian countries where there were copyright issues with Disney.


The player controls a wolf trying to catch eggs as they roll down from one of four henhouses. The wolf must constantly change direction to catch them all. The player would miss if an egg fell to the ground and cracked.


Ports and Remakes

  • Egg was one of the games to be included in Game & Watch Gallery 3. It contained both the original Classic game as well as a new Modern game which was instead about Yoshi catching cookies dropped down conveyor belts and avoiding bob-ombs.
  • Egg was hidden in the DS game America's Test Kitchen: Let's Get Cooking where it appeared as a time waster whenever a recipe needed time to bake. After playing it once it was free to play anytime in the Options menu.
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