Dr. Mario Online RX

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Dr. Mario Online RX
Developer Arika
Publisher Nintendo
System WiiWare
Release Date JP March 25, 2008
EU May 20, 2008
US May 26, 2008
Genre Puzzle
Rating ESRB: E

Dr. Mario Online RX is the WiiWare version of the classic puzzle game Dr. Mario. It is the first and only entry in the series to be online. It costs only 1000 Wii points.



Dr. Mario tosses several vitamins into a jar that takes up most of the screen. The jar is filled with viruses, each being one of three colors (red, blue or yellow). Each vitamin also has two colored segments. The point is to align and move the vitamins as they fall so that four vitamins and viruses of the same color are aligned, destroying all four. The game advances to the next level when all viruses are destroyed.

New Additions

Besides being able to replace Dr. Mario with a Mii, one of the primary additions to the game is the ability to go online. It also features a Flash mode where the challenge is to only eliminate the flashing viruses.

Also included is the Germ Buster mode. This plays similar to the original game, except rather than control the game with the D-Pad, it's done using the Wii Remote to drag and rotate the pills to the viruses. The playing field is zoomed in and next to it is a group of Miis stored on the console attempting to push away the viruses. As viruses are eliminated in the playing field, they disappear on the side until the Miis successfully push away them all.


  • Germ Buster is actually based on a hidden mini-game in Brain Age 2. In that game, pills were controlled with the stylus.
  • The music in the Classic Mode is taken directly from Dr. Mario 64 with the newer songs keeping the new names they were given in Dr. Mario & Puzzle League.
  • Germ Buster's music selection only has Fever and Chill available, however they are actually new remixes of the songs.
  • This game had an interesting demo method. While it's unavailable to download directly from the shop, people with the full game can send the demo to anyone on their friends list. The Demo version is strictly a Wi-Fi Friend Battle and can only interact with Friends who own the full game. Two Demo Versions cannot compete against each other.


A similar version of this game became available for download on DSiWare known as Dr. Mario Express.

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