Dr. Mario Express

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Dr. Mario Express
Developer Arika
Publisher Nintendo
System DSiWare
Release Date JP December 24, 2008
US April 20, 2009
EU May 8, 2009
Genre Puzzle
Rating ESRB: E

Dr. Mario Express is the DSiWare version of the classic puzzle game Dr. Mario. It costs 500 Nintendo DSi Points and is part of Nintendo's Express series on DSiWare.

Dr. Mario tosses several vitamins into a jar that takes up most of the screen. The jar is filled with viruses, each being one of three colors (red, blue or yellow). Each vitamin also has two colored segments. The point is to align and move the vitamins as they fall so that four vitamins and viruses of the same color are aligned, destroying all four. The game advances to the next level when all viruses are destroyed.

This variation of the game is more toned down. It is merely the classic version of the game with none of the additions from prior installments such as the new songs, online mode, Flash mode, or Germ Buster. There is also no option for a local multiplayer match with two copies of the game, featuring only a Vs. Com for a multiplayer mode.

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