Donkey Kong Jr. Math

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Donkey Kong Jr. Math
Full Title Donkey Kong Jr. Math
Developer Nintendo R&D 1
Publisher Nintendo
System NES, Virtual Console, Wii U Virtual Console
Release Date NES
JP December 12, 1983
US October 1985
EU December 1988
Wii Virtual Console
JP March 27, 2007
EU April 20, 2007
US September 3, 2007
Wii U Virtual Console
US August 28, 2014

Donkey Kong Jr. Math is an early NES game made primarily for education purposes. It uses characters and scenarios from Donkey Kong Junior. It was one of the NES's eighteen launch titles when it was released in America.


The first player controlled Donkey Kong Jr., who competed against a pink version of Donkey Kong Jr. (controlled by either the computer or a second player) in order to win the approval of Donkey Kong, who oversaw the competition. The point of the game is to grab math symbols and push them up vines in order to complete mathmatical equations. The game has three modes: Calculate A, Calculate B and Math Excercise.


At one point a follow-up known as Donkey Kong no Ongaku Asobi was planned for the NES, which would have used music as well as sprites from the Donkey Kong game as well as Donkey Kong Jr. It was eventually canceled.

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