Donkey Kong Jr. (Game & Watch)

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Donkey Kong Jr.
Developer Nintendo R&D 1
Publisher Nintendo
System Game & Watch
Release Date Widescreen
October 1982
April 28, 1983
October 7, 1983
JP August 19, 2009
US April 19, 2010
EU April 23, 2010
Rating ESRB: E

Donkey Kong Jr. is a Game & Watch game released in the Widescreen format. It is the first of two Game & Watch games based on the Donkey Kong Jr. arcade game, the second being the Multi-Screen Donkey Kong II.


Donkey Kong Jr. is based on the first two levels of the arcade game, and features the same scenario as Donkey Kong Jr. must save his father from Mario. Donkey Kong Jr. must avoid Snapjaws and Nitpickers and climb his way up to a platform. He then has to make a leap of faith, in order to grab the key to Donkey Kong’s cage which is swinging on a chain above. Donkey Kong Junior will have to repeat this process three times to save Donkey Kong.

Donkey Kong Jr. was later released for the Panorama and Tabletop Game & Watches. Both versions were identical to each other, but they were not the same as the Widescreen version. These versions had better graphics and sound. In these versions, Donkey Kong Junior had to move from the left side of the screen to the ride side after grabbing a key to one of Donkey Kong's four chains. To reach Donkey Kong and unlock the chain, Donkey Kong Junior had to climb vines and ride a set of falling umbrellas and rising balloons. Only Nitpickers appear in this version.


  • The Widescreen Donkey Kong Jr. was included in Game & Watch Gallery 3. This game included both the original “Classic” version and a new “Modern” version. The Modern version expanded the game into three levels. The Snapjaws and Nitpickers were replaced with Mario enemies such as Goombas and Nippers.
  • Donkey Kong Jr. was later included on Game & Watch Gallery 4 as well, with the main difference being better graphics on the Modern version.
  • Donkey Kong Jr. was also released as a part of Toymax's Mini-Classics line in 1998.
  • Donkey Kong Jr. was released for the DSi as downloadable DSiWare.
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