Donkey Kong II

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Donkey Kong II
Developer Nintendo R&D 1
Publisher Nintendo
System Game & Watch
Release Date March 7, 1983

Donkey Kong II is a Game & Watch game released in the Multi-Screen format. It is the second Game & Watch game based on Donkey Kong Junior, the first being Donkey Kong Jr.. Like all the other versions, the player controls Donkey Kong Jr. in his quest to save his papa from Mario.


This game seems to borrow more from the last two levels of the arcade Donkey Kong Junior. In the lower screens, Junior must avoid both Sparks (from the game's third level) and Snapjaws. On the top screen, set up to resemble the arcade game's fourth and final level, Junior must avoid both Snapjaws and Nitpickers to grab a key that will unlock one of the locks holding Donkey Kong down. Four keys are needed to free Donkey Kong.


  • Donkey Kong II appeared as an unlockable minigame in Game & Watch Gallery 3. Unlike most Game & Watch games in the Game & Watch Gallery series it lacked a "Modern" reinterpretation.
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