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Donkey Kong
Developer Nintendo EAD
Publisher Nintendo
System Game Boy
3DS Virtual Console
Release Date Game Boy
JP June 14, 1994
US June 1994
EU September 29, 1994
3DS Virtual Console
JP June 15, 2011
US June 16, 2011
EU June 16, 2011
Gallery GH Gallery
Rating ESRB: E

Donkey Kong, also called Game Boy Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong 94, is an enhanced remake of the original Donkey Kong. Among the new features were enhanced graphics, more levels, and new gameplay mechanics. Interestingly, this was the first game to have enhanced features when used with the Super Game Boy. A border that looks like an arcade cabinet was added as well as a digitized version of Pauline yelling "Help!"



Donkey Kong has kidnapped Pauline. Pauline's boyfriend Mario must track Donkey Kong down and save his girlfriend.


The game begins with the four original levels from Donkey Kong. Rather than stopping there, the game has 97 new levels, making a total of 101. The new levels are divided into the following worlds: Big-City, Forest, Ship, Jungle, Desert, Airplane, Ice Berg, Rocky Valley, and Tower. New gameplay mechanics are introduced as the game progresses. The new levels take on a different, puzzle-like gameplay shift, as the player's goal in most levels is to find a key and carry it to a door for completion of the level while avoiding various enemies and obstacles. Each level also contained three of Pauline's accessories which, if collected, would unlock a slot machine or roulette that could be played to earn extra lives. The player faces Donkey Kong every fourth level in a manner similar to the first three stages. Each world also ends with a boss fight against Donkey Kong in which he must be beaten by throwing his barrels back at him.

Donkey Kong GB added many new moves to Mario's arsenal. Mario triple jumped and back flipped in this game years before Super Mario 64. Other new moves included throwing the hammer, doing a handstand to deflect falling objects, and swinging on a wire for extra height. Like in the original arcade game, Mario can be defeated by one hit, but if he's carrying an item he will only drop it and be momentarily stunned when hit.

Along with the levels from the original Donkey Kong, a few levels from Donkey Kong Jr. were added. Level 2-4 was Level 1 in Donkey Kong Jr. and Level 9-4 was Level 4. Donkey Kong Jr. himself also makes sporadic appearances throughout the game in which he adds to Mario's nuisances in order to aid his father.

Continuity References


Ports and Remakes


Originally, a remake called Donkey Kong Plus was planned for the Gameboy Advance. Along with enhanced graphics and backgrounds, the remake was to feature a level editor.

Donkey Kong Plus was never released, but some of the ideas were used in Mario vs. Donkey Kong. Mario vs. Donkey Kong played much like an enhanced sequel to Donkey Kong, carrying on Mario's acrobatic moves and the searching for keys in each level.

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