Donkey Kong Circus

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Donkey Kong Circus
Developer Nintendo R&D 1
Publisher Nintendo
System Game & Watch
Release Date September 1984

Donkey Kong Circus is a 1984 Game & Watch game developed for the Panorama system. It is Donkey Kong's last appearance in the Game & Watch games. The game is basically sprite-swapped from the game Mickey Mouse, which had been released only a few months prior to Donkey Kong Circus.


In this game, the player controls Donkey Kong to make him roll around, balanced on a barrel. Donkey Kong must juggle three pineapples and prevent them from falling. However, he will lose a life if he touches a fireball (which emerges from a burning oil drum just like in Donkey Kong). Mario is also present as a spectator (and laughs at Donkey Kong whenever he messes up).

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