Donkey Kong 3 (Game & Watch)

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Donkey Kong 3
Developer Nintendo R&D 1
Publisher Nintendo
System Game & Watch
Release Date February 1984

Donkey Kong 3 is a Game & Watch game released on the Micro Vs. format. Because of this, it was capable of multiplayer games. Thus "Game B" of Donkey Kong 3 is actually two-player mode instead of a Hard mode, unlike the games in other Game & Watch formats. The scenario is based on the Donkey Kong 3 arcade game (which was in turn inspired by the Game & Watch Green House).


The first player controls Stanley while the computer or second player controls Donkey Kong. Each combatant is stationed at opposite ends of the screen and armed with a spay gun that can fire up to three shots before it has to be refilled. The point of the game was to fire the spray guns at a pair of bees in the center of the screen and propel at least one of them towards the opponent so that the bee may attack him.


Donkey Kong 3 was included on Game & Watch Gallery 4, both in its original "Classic" version and a new "Modern" version. The Modern version replaced Stanley with Mario and updated Donkey Kong's appearance with his trademark tie. The two bees were also replaced with a fireball and a Boo. Additionally, if the Boo was close enough to one player, it would move closer to the player (and eventually attack him) whenever he turned his back to refill his spray gun.

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