Doc Louis's Punch-Out!!

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Doc Louis's Punch-Out
Developer Next Level Games
Publisher Nintendo
System WiiWare
Release Date US October 27, 2009
Rating E10+

Doc Louis's Punch-Out is a Club Nintendo exclusive for North American members who reached Platinum Status by the end of June 2009.


This game is, for the most part, similar to the prior release, Punch-Out!! for the Wii. The major difference being only a single opponent, Little Mac's trainer Doc Louis. There are three modes of play which represent three levels of difficulty. In all modes, although there are 3 rounds, the match is won after getting a single K.O. out of Doc Louis. Little Mac will still take 3 K.O.'s in a round.

Warm-Up is the beginner mode and is a simple enough match between Mac and Doc Louis. In the intermediate Training mode, Doc will heal himself with a chocolate bar (only once) when his health bar is near depletion. Upon completing both of those modes, the advanced Sparring mode is unlocked. Doc goes all out here and he begins to retaliate with Star Punches of his own. Although being the self-proclaimed inventor of the move, he only needs one star to use this move at full blast, instantly knocking down Mac. When his health is near depletion, he will once again take out a chocolate bar to heal himself, however this time Mac has the opportunity to knock it out of his hand. Upon doing so, Doc becomes enraged and rips off his trademark red jumpsuit revealing a 70's leopard print outfit underneath. Even after doing this, Doc will still take out a chocolate bar and Mac must knock it out each time if he hopes to succeed. It's likely this costume change is a reference to the alternate outfits worn by every other opponent in Title Defense mode.

Other Notes

  • The game doesn't have any save functionality and instead will only record your fastest time until the game is shut off. Sparring mode must be unlocked every time the game starts up.
  • Interestingly, while the Wii game features Balance Board support, the option is taken out of this download.
  • Between rounds, Doc Louis will thank Mac (as well as the player) for taking his advice and joining Club Nintendo, as the only way to play the game is to have been a member.
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