Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix

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Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix
Developer Konami
Publisher Nintendo
System Nintendo Gamecube
Release Date JP July 14, 2005
US August 24, 2005
EU October 28, 2005
AU November 24, 2005
Rating ESRB: E

Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix is a Mario-themed game of the Dance Dance Revolution franchise that came packaged with a special dance pad controller.


Chaos is set into motion when Waluigi breaks into the Truffle Towers and steals one of the Music Keys, which hold great music-related powers. The other three Music Keys wind up scattering across the land. Toad witnesses this and alerts Mario or Luigi, who then sets off on a strange quest to defeat Waluigi and regain the four Music Keys, a search that would also bring them into conflict with other old enemies such as Wario or Bowser.


The game is controlled with the dance pad and uses standard Dance Dance Revolution gameplay in that the player must "dance" on the Dance Pad to match arrows displayed on the screen while music plays. The player can choose to play as Mario or Luigi. The main feature of the game is a Story Mode which must be played to unlock most of the game's content. Songs completed in Story Mode can then be played casually in Free Mode, and the same applies to the minigames. There is also Mush Mode, which is a twist on the genre where the arrows are replaced by either enemies that have to be avoided or items that can be stepped on. A Workout feature also records the amount of calories burned off by the player in the game.

'Mario Mix has a collection of songs which are taken from a wide variety of songs, as well as some songs which are based on classic music and a Famicom Disk System song. The game has four difficulty levels ranging from Easy to Super Hard, although it has been observed that the game is still relatively tame compared to other Dance Dance Revolution games. Although the Story Mode is oriented for single-played sessions, two players can compete in Dance-Offs, provided that both players have dance pads.

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