DK: King of Swing

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DK: King of Swing
Developer PAON
Publisher Nintendo
System Game Boy Advance, Wii U Virtual Console
Release Date Game Boy Advance
EU February 4, 2005
JP May 19, 2005
US September 19, 2005
Wii U Virtual Console
JP November 19, 2014
US November 20, 2014
Genre Adventure / Puzzle
Gallery GH Gallery
Rating ESRB: E

DK: King of Swing is a Donkey Kong game for the Game Boy Advance that pits DK into a new style of gameplay inspired by Clu Clu Land, a game hailing back from the NES age.



The Kongs are preparing to have a swinging competition to decide who the King of Swing. But before they can, King K. Rool swoops down and snatches the DK coins declaring himself the King of Swing. Not exactly King K. Rool's most cunning plot, but Donkey Kong goes after him to get his coins back.


In this game, Donkey Kong swings around from different pegs using the L and R buttons. He can also hold both buttons down together to charge up and attack his foe. Along the way Donkey Kong collects bananas (the limit being 300 at a time). By pressing B he can fill one of his hearts for ten bananas. Alternatively he can press A which makes him invincible and gives him a speed boost as well.

The game features a short story mode of five four-level worlds, each one with a boss to defeat. Donkey Kong will find himself swinging around in frozen wastelands, under the sea, and in the middle of a deadly tornado. Classic Donkey Kong Country enemies return, as well as the ever familiar rubber tires and barrels.

Players can also play 'Jungle Jam' where all the Kongs (and perhaps more) can compete in races, barrel busting, or just all out brawls. This can be played in one player mode or be linked up in single pak or multi pak multiplayer mode. Altogether there are 12 different competitions to play. Either play to win or beat the high score, the choice is yours.



A sequel, DK: Jungle Climber was released in 2007.


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