DK: Jungle Climber

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DK: King of Swing
Developer PAON
Publisher Nintendo
System Nintendo DS
Release Date JP August 9, 2007
US September 10, 2007
EU October 12, 2007
AU November 1, 2007
Genre Adventure / Puzzle
Gallery GH Gallery
Rating ESRB: E

DK: Jungle Climb is the sequel to DK: King of Swing, a game that was largely inspired by Clu Clu Land.


Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are relaxing on Sun Sun Island beach when they suddenly spy a giant banana on top of the mountain. With Cranky Kong accompanying them. They find it is a banana-shaped spaceship and upon defeating it, discover the pilot is an alien named Xananab. As it turns out, King K. Rool has stolen Xananab's Crystal Bananas and is planning to use them to take over the universe. So the Kongs team up with the alien to stop K. Rool.


In this game, Donkey Kong swings around from different pegs using the L and R buttons. He can do a jump from the ground by pressing L and R together. He can also do a dash attack by hitting A that allows him to jump further, break barrels, and defeat enemies. He can collect gems and for every 100, he gets a crystal star that allows him to go into a berserk mode that makes him invincible and fly.

He can also team up with Diddy Kong who rides on Donkey's back. Diddy can be thrown from DK's back by using a dash attack consecutively. This allows Diddy to strike distant enemies, items, or collect items out of Donkey's reach. With Diddy, special items can also be collected. Among these are a hammer that Diddy swings around in an arc to destroy anything. Another is a blowtorch for melting snow, as well as feathers that allow Donkey and Diddy to fly.

The game is also packed with extra features. Several challenge modes, a wireless single-pak versus game, and an unlockable "Cheats Menu". By collecting DK Coins in stages, cheats can be unlocked that will start Donkey with more lives or increase the power of some of his abilities.


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