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Developer Q-Games
Publisher Nintendo
System Game Boy Advance, DSiWare
Release Date Game Boy Advance
JP July 27, 2006
EU October 2, 2009
JP November 4, 2009
US November 16, 2009
Rating ESRB: E

DIGIDRIVE (also known as Intersect) is puzzle game where you direct traffic. It was originally released as part the Japan-only bit Generations series for Game Boy Advance, but later released overseas as part of the Art Style series on DSiWare. It costs 500 Nintendo DSi points.


In DIGIDRIVE part of the game keeps track of a spike slowly rising up to a core, while the other part is dedicated to an intersection. Cars of different colors drive through the crossroads and the player must direct them to different paths stacking them up and creating combos. Creating combos will make fuel that boosts the core further away from the spike. Fuel is used by detonating bomb cars, indicated by their siren. The game ends when the core is hit.

Creating a combo will cause a lane to turn that color. It will diminish quickly until another car of the same color is sent down it. When all four lanes are colored, Overdrive move is activated in which cars start coming at an enhanced pace, giving a major boost to the core.

The game supports a Vs. mode against either a CPU or human opponent where both players race to get their core to the top first. Exclusive power ups in this mode will slow down your opponent, steal their fuel, or give your core a boost. It is playable through Download Play and therefore compatible with older DS models.

By clearing milestones in the main game and the Vs. CPU modes, additional music tracks and skin themes are unlocked.

In the original version of the game, a small section of the right hand side kept watch over the core with the main game taking over the rest of the screen. In the remake, the action is split between the top and bottom screen although which half takes which screen is determined by the players method of control. Using standard D-Pad controls put the intersection on the top screen with the core on the bottom while it's the opposite happen when using the stylus.


  • The game was originally going to be released in America as Digiluxe: Digidrive.
  • The game's icon depicting a set of cars was used as a sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • This is the only entry between the bit Generations and Art Style series to be developed by Q-Games rather than Skip.

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